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10 of the best Italian restaurants in Rome

10 of the best Italian restaurants in Rome | Italia Mia |
From a cozy trattoria to an experimental bistro and Michelin-starred luxury

One thing that should be eternal about the Eternal City is great Italian food. But that doesn’t mean pizza Napoli or pasta marinara every night. These 10 restaurants range from a cozy trattoria through an experimental bistro to the city’s most Michelin star-spangled establishment. What do they have in common?

Not spaghetti bolognese on the kids’ menu.

They’re all highly regarded for the Italian culinary niche they serve.

  1. La Pergola
  2. Antica Pesa
  3. Imàgo
  4. Pipero al Rex
  5. Giggetto
  6. Lilli
  7. Restaurant Roof Garden
  8. Marzapane
  9. Fish Market
  10. Arancia Blu
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Espectaculares los lugares. Para tener en cuenta a la hora de visitar Roma y comer bien. 

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