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10 things to know before visiting Sicily - CNN

10 things to know before visiting Sicily - CNN | Italia Mia |

Sicily has beautiful black-sand beaches, a volcano to ski on and desserts to satisfy the sweetest tooth.
Plus 8,000 mummified citizens in the catacombs of Palermo, to keep you awake at night.
Oh, and the Mafia? There are hundreds of places to eat, shop and sleep run by Sicilians who have said no to organized crime.
1. Sicily isn't all that Italian
2. If you meet the Mafia, you won't know it
3. The bikini is very old news here
4. Sicily rivals Greece for ancient Greek architecture
5. Desserts will satisfy the sweetest tooth
6. Manners remain very formal
7. You can ski on a volcano
8. Mummies are a weird attraction
9. The beaches are black and white
10. The wine's no longer all swill

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