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Il Galateo: Italian Manners and Etiquette

Il Galateo: Italian Manners and Etiquette | Italia Mia |
Mariano Pallottini's insight:

As the "bible" of Italian manners "Il Galateo", first published in 1558, is now out in a new translation by M. F. Rusnak (University of Chicago Press), Italy Magazine editor Katia Amore explains Italian etiquette so, next time you visit Italy, you will be sure to make the bella figura!

Discerning travellers are always concerned about getting the right information about the country they have planned to visit in order to avoid problems of all sorts once they get there, and this is the case even when planning to come to Italy. This is why you can find so many articles explaining what to do and what to avoid doing when you visit Il Bel Paese. Many of these articles are actually dedicated to general behaviour...

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