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Olive Oil Experience in Le Marche

Olive Oil Experience in Le Marche | Italia Mia |

Le Marche is renowned for its picturesque landscape, and olive treestogether with grapes contribute to the magical colours of this land, with its green and purple shades. In the Marches every October is the “olive season” which means one of the few occasion a family can work all together in the fields to prepare some of the best olive oil in the world.

Nowadays we can buy olive oil almost everywhere but nothing can beat the quality and the experience of making your own oil with organic and classic procedures. Mass-produced oil can not compete with the local one. It is really two different worlds.

Picking olives with your hands and taking them to the "Pistrì" in local dialect “Frantoio” in italian, the olive press (the modern one is even better than the traditional), to produce an oil that you can call your own, to smell and taste a fresh made extra virgin olive oil is an unforgettable experience. Travel to Italy to pick olives in october starts to be a wonderful way to visit Italy far from the crowds of the high season and more and more people appreciate this as a safe and affordable way to bring back the oil for the family uses. Food & Wine tasting, wonderful hilltop towns, works of art and breathtaking landscapes are only a little part of what Le Marche can propose to your holidays.

The first thing you have to do is to find a beautiful farm with accommodation that allows you to engage in this "rebalancing" activity, there are a lot of these in Italy and especially in Le Marche. Villas, hotels and agriturismos that offer this opportunity are in impressive spots, like on top of hills overlooking the Sibilline Mountains or the Adriatic Sea, where you can open your spirit seeing the true beauty of Le Marche.

Then you have to prepare yourself because, although the olive harvest is not the hardest rural activities, it won’t be easy. In this day and age, we’re not accustomed to do physical job any more but olive making is a very physical and spiritual activity.

Humility and Patience are necessary for this endeavor, otherwise you might consider this activity as a wonderful way to develop these two important qualities. Find the olive, settle the net, pick it, deposit and repeat. It may sound silly but, at the end of the day, it’s very fulfilling.

The next step is the real making of the oil and you will be introduced by the experts to the wonderful world of olive oil that match centenary and modern knoledge, and then the only thing left to do is try your oil.

Producing oil is a matter of heart, so, after a day of “hard” work you can have a “bruschetta” and a glass of wine and really enjoy life.

One accommodations that offer olive oil experience is the Agriturismo A3Passi the Accommodation of the international prized company Azienda del Carmine

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