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Beautiful Tuscany | Angles of Anghiari

Beautiful Tuscany | Angles of Anghiari | Italia Mia |

This small town is best known for the date of June 29, 1440 when Filippo Maria Visconti {Duke of Milan}, gave up all of his expansionist claims to the Italian Peninsula when he was defeated in a bloody battle by Florentine, Venetian and Papal Confederate troops in what is known as the Battle of Anghiari. Also the inspiration for the infamous ‘lost painting’ by Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio.
The views leading up to the town’s stone wall are heart-stoppingly beautiful.
The streets are tiny, winding and often go up. Everywhere you look is a picturesque scene. Flowers overflowing a windowsill or lemon trees dotting a doorway.
Of course when discovering any beautiful Tuscan town, you must stop at a bar for a caffe.
This place received the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club for being one of the prettiest villages in Italy.

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