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A romantic, historic apartment and a slice of Italian city life are irresistible to foreign buyers | Tuscan Properties

A romantic, historic apartment and a slice of Italian city life are irresistible to foreign buyers | Tuscan Properties | Italia Mia |

There is a definite movement from the countryside to cities for buyers in Italy, attracted by smaller, easily manageable property.
Foreigners may dream of owning a Tuscan rural idyll but in recent years, once push has come to shove, many have chosen a city location instead — opting for a lifestyle heavy on culture, architecture and art.

So, for example, would you buy an apartment with such stunning view?

This is a renovated apartment in the heart of the historical Sarteano (Si), in an eighteenth century building, with an area of 150 square meters and a loft of about 40 square meters.
Overlooking the main square, the apartment is spread over three floors of a building - part of the '400 and the '700 - with beautiful views of the town's main square and the surrounding hills, with views of Mount Cetona. Internally the apartment offers: on the 1st floor is the entrance to the house from which, through an internal staircase floors, you can reach the second level where there is a multipurpose room currently used as a study and a bathroom . Also through an internal staircase once again in handmade terracotta, we reach the third floor of the building where there is a large living room with fireplace and a fully functional gallery which has been made a pleasant accommodation for the master bedroom. From the living room, up a few steps, there is a spacious landing currently used as a wardrobe-dressing room, a bathroom, a living room and a dining room with fireplace and kitchenette. All rooms are very spacious and bright at all hours of the day, with characteristics typical of the old buildings still visible (arches, exposed beams, large windows). The apartment is located close to public car parks free of charge, with views of the town's main square and the Teatro Comunale, all amenities are within walking distance but at the same time you can appreciate the extraordinary isolation from the noise inherent in any city center. Part of furniture and appliances have been tailor-made for the restoration took place recently (about 3 years ago), so they are included in the sale. The apartment has a loft of about 40 square meters used as a laundry room where they were placed the dryer, washing machine and boiler.

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