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Top 10 Travel Mistakes and How Not to Make Them

Top 10 Travel Mistakes and How Not to Make Them | Italia Mia |

Even the dreamiest of trips can go off the rails when you fall into one of these all-too-common travel traps. We've been there—and we've brought back advice on foolproof booking, smart sightseeing, and making the most of every minute. [...]

Mariano Pallottini's insight:
  • Not booking enough connection time between flights
  • Not applying for your passport early enough
  • Underestimating the location of your hotel from the city center
  • Trying to do too much in one trip
  • Not being honest about your interests, likes, and dislikes
  • Sticking to tourist traps rather than venturing off the beaten path
  • Basing your hotel choice on marketing photos
  • Not reading the entire listing when you're looking to do a short-term apartment or house rental
  • Choosing an outlying airport that's cheaper, but ending up spending more on transportation to your hotel
  • Going to a timeshare sales pitch when you're not in the market to buy
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