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Golf resort in Tuscany - Castelfalfi paradise

Golf resort in Tuscany - Castelfalfi paradise | Italia Mia |

This past weekend me and Frenchy went to the town of Castelfalfi located in Tuscany as part of a blogger event touring the 800 year old village. I was actually really excited to go since I read about this place in The Florentine a few years ago. Previously a ghost town, a German Travel company TUI actually bought the town {you can do that?!} and started a really awesome project to revive this beautiful place and bring it back to life. A golf resort, a 3 star hotel that deserves an extra star, swimming pools and over 40 apartments have been created to entice buyers to re-populate the town. Also – they strive to be environmentally friendly via the usage of renewable bio-fuels and conditioned rainwater to meet the town’s demand. [...]

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