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Earth Pyramids in Trentino

Earth Pyramids in Trentino | Italia Mia |

I came across this lovely video showing the Earth pyramids (“Omeni di Segonzano” as they are called in the local dialect) in Trentino, Italy. These peculiar earth structures formed in the late ice age, about 50,000 years ago. They consist of clay and stones and are hard when dry. During rainy periods, however, the clay starts sliding down forming these strange shapes, something between a Gothic structure and organ pipes. Some of them reach up to 20 metres in height. You can see in the video that many of the pyramids have large stones on the top, which keep the clay beneath dry and hard and erosion-free. Geologists say that eventually these pyramids will collapse, so hurry to see these natural wonders while they are still standing. [...]

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