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Sgroppino: Venice Untied

Sgroppino: Venice Untied | Italia Mia |

The Sgroppino, a creamy-smooth, frothy alcoholic beverage, is actually more of a digestivo (digestive) or liquid dessert than an aperitivo (cocktail).

Created by the inventive and masterful Venetians back in the 16th century, the Sgropin, as it’s called in the Venetian dialect, means to untie the little knots — the ones in your stomach following a rather large meal. Further away from La Serenissima it’s called a Sgroppino, or simply Sorbetto.

Made with milk-free lemon sorbetto (sorbet) and a bit of alcohol, the Sgroppino was served in aristocratic Venetian homes during dinner to cleanse the palate between the first and second courses — normally fish to meat — and to also help digest all that was consumed at the tail-end of the dinner.

Venice-etc's curator insight, June 16, 2013 2:37 PM

This is refreshing Venetian cocktail that contains lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco. Sgroppino is one of those things that will change your tastes forever :-)

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