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The Forbidden Island of Montecristo, Tuscany

The Forbidden Island of Montecristo, Tuscany | Italia Mia |

The island of Montecristo of the Tuscan Archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea has officially become uninhabited. The last nature reserve keeper and his wife left the island about a month ago due to the budget cuts.
Montecristo is not easy to visit. Until a few years ago only scientists and park rangers could disembark at Cala Maestra, the island’s natural harbour, where boats are allowed to dock. It was open for guided tours only in 2008 but the number of visitors is limited to 1000 a year.
Only 50 people are allowed to step on the island’s soil per day. The tour lasts 6 hours and takes the curious to see the 19-th century Royal Villa, botanical garden, the natural history museum and along the three paths running through the island. It is prohibited to swim, camp, fish or stay overnight on Montecristo. [...]

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