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Italy for solo travellers: What is the best time to visit Italy?

Italy for solo travellers: What is the best time to visit Italy? | Italia Mia |

If you are a young foreign woman eager to make the most of a trip to Italy, here is my point of view:

Of course it depends of which kind of traveller you are, whether you want to meet the local people in the neighbourhood bar or prefer to wander the various sites, guide book in hand which is interesting but can be a little lonely.
Summer in Italy is great, don't misunderstand me. Even the "deadly hot" time of August, especially in Rome has lot to offer because all the Italians tend to escape to the beach

Spring is a fantastic period to visit Italy in general, the Italian spirit wakes up from its winter drowsiness, breathes the air fragrant from spring flowers and puts the smile back on its face. Women start to dress in pretty outfits, shorter skirts and heels much to the delight of all the men!
The Mediterranean habit of sitting outside a cafe, watching the world parade past is reawakened, everyone gently enjoying the scene.
So I think it is a great time to perhaps encounter a romantic time, especially if you can find someone really interesting to accompany you to the museums, churches etc or even just a walk in the lovely countryside. Hills topped with castled villages are magnificent, there are fewer tourists and the locals are happy to make you welcome. Staying only in town will lose you so much of the beauty, charm and culture of any area.
After Easter the lidos reopen and it is possible to find great fish and seafood in the many excellent restaurants. Further inland the menus change to more local regional produce - all of it excellent.
Prices can be very attractive in this season and what you buy on your shopping adventures, especially the many discount outlets for Prada, Armani etc can be still worn for the summer at home to the envy of all your friends who haven't had your luck in coming here.
April, May, June? They are so different. What a great responsibility it is to suggest the best time for an epic journey... May!!! Definitely May, it has all the joys of spring with less risk of capricious weather of the cooler months and is not yet the debilitating temperatures of high summer.
Come to La Bella Italia in May!!

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