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2013 Spring events in Tuscany

2013 Spring events in Tuscany | Italia Mia |





  • From 7th to 9thAnteprime – ti racconto il mio prossimo libro in Pietrasanta
  • 16thLuminara in  Pisa 
Celebritize You's comment, March 17, 2013 7:28 PM
When is the best time to visit for you, Mariano? Spring?
Celebritize You's comment, March 17, 2013 7:28 PM
When is the best time to visit for you, Mariano? Spring?
Mariano Pallottini's comment, March 18, 2013 5:08 AM
It depends of which kind of Traveller you are, which people you like to meet the most.
Spring is a fantastic period to visit Italy in general, participate to the awakening of the pure Italian spirit a bit drowsy during the winter. Women start to dress lightful color dresses, shorter skirts and heels, italians restart to have the innate curiousity toward the other and adore to sit outside the cafes just to watch people, but with moderation and gentle attention. So I think It is a great time to live a romantic story. Find someone really interested to you, to accompany you to the museums not only because in summer are fresh places. But if you have the only intention to stay in town and not even to walk along the rivers or to visit the parks, you will loose a bit of the beauty of spring. Hills with castled villages are magnificent in this season and locals adorable with fewer tourists.
After easter the lidos reopen the doors and it is still possible to find great fish and seafood before the summer closure of the fishing activities.
Prices can be very attractive in this season and what you buy on your shopping adventures can be still dressed longer in your hometown country, receiving all the compliments and the attention you always wanted from your girlfriends.
Summer in Italy is great, don't misunderstand me. Even the "deadly hot" time of August in Rome have lot to offer, with all the Italians to the beach (actually less in these times of crises) and the town ruled by tourists and foreigners workers.
But Spring is different, especially in the province. The sun is still a friend the wind plays with your odorous perceptions proposing floral quizzes to impossible to avoid and your appetite is still good to appreciate the thousand colors of the Regional Cuisines.
April, May, June? They are so different. What a great responsability to suggest the best time of an epic journey... May!!! Definetly May, and I include all the good of spring with less risks of a capricious weather.
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