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Sanremo, Liguria's winter hideaway

Sanremo, Liguria's winter hideaway | Italia Mia |

Say ‘Sanremo’ in Italy and everyone thinks of the annual song festival that has taken place here ever since 1951. The sportier among them (and that’s most) will also remember its the finishing line for the Milan-Sanremo bicycle race too, while the gamblers will instantly think of its Casino.

What makes Sanremo stand out from the other small towns along the Italian Riviera before it runs into Menton and Monaco? Probably its wide, curving bay, which is great to promenade along in its softer, sunnier winters. That it was always a town, rather than an outgrown village, its roots stretching back into Roman times. And likely as not, because some notable people of the late 1800s decided to happily waste some time, or even buy a house, here.

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