The Etruscan Gate in Volterra, Tuscany | Italia Mia |

The city of Volterra has an ancient reputation. Volterra’s noteriety spans multiple centuries before the undead allegedly took over the town. A stronghold of ancient Tuscany, Volterra truly is a destination not to be missed, especially for its great historical significance personified by the Etruscan Arch, the Porta all’Arco.
Built by the ancient Etruscans (the civilization that pre-dates the Romans in Tuscany and gave the region its name) the Porta all’Arco is the oldest standing Etruscan gate, built in the 4th century B.C. Constructed from large blocks of ancient volcanic tufa stone, the entrance through this archaic wall has persevered through endless lifetimes of regime change, tyranny, and remodeling. The three heads adorning the archway have eroded away and still cause a bit of mystery as no one can be quite sure what they represented.[...]