Delicious Sicilian Delicatessen | Italia Mia |

Sicily is the land of appetizing, toothsome sweet meats and Sicilian delicatessen that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. Simply extraordinary, these sweets and desserts will stay with you long after you’ve relished in their sweet, soft fragrance. 

Some of the most famous Sicilian delicatessen includes the following:

  • Buccellato: This is a round cake stuffed with almond paste, raisins, walnuts that are coarsely minced and prepared in wine.
  • Ram di Miele: This chewy cookie is shaped like a twig and stuffed with almonds and honey.
  • Cassatta: This is most famous Sicilian dessert. It’s made with sponge cake, ricotta and candied fruits.  
  • Cacateddi: This is made of the same stuff as Bucellato and shaped as squares. 
  • Pietrafendola: Made with fruits, citrus skins, almonds and cinnamon, this is a hard candy that is meant to be cut.
  • Dolci di Natale: This is Sicily’s famous Christmas dessert made of almond paste that is shaped in a variety of forms and stuffed with minced preserved fruits.
  • Cannoli: The most famous Sicilian pastry the world over, cannoli is made of fresh ricotta, honey, sugar and fruits. The ricotta’s fresh, soft flavour and the crunch of the shell makes cannoli so popular.
  • Torrone: This Sicilian nougat is made from honey syrup and sugar. It is soft and chewy and is often mixed with various nuts and candied fruit.
  • Paste di Mandorle: This is a famous dessert made of almond paste mixed with candied fruits and wrapped in white chocolate. A treat for your taste buds.
  • Biscotii con Mandorla: These almond cookies are one of the finest in the whole of Italy. With crispy edges and a moist centre, each bite will leave the delectable memory of pistachio in your mouth.
  • Bacione di Taormina: A soft chocolate and almond filling in a coating of pistachio, this dessert will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more.
  • Trionfo di Gola: This is a cake prepared in monasteries, made up of myriad ingredients.
  • Dolci di Riposto: A sweet orange preserve coated in a layer of almond paste.


The land of delectable food, your taste buds will fall in love with Sicily.