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Moto Guzzi was founded on March 15, 1921, and has been making sweet motorcycles ever since, which officially makes them the longest continually-running European bike manufacturer. You probably know they've made some incredible cafe racers over the years, but they've also made a sweet V8 race bike and powered a couple of cars to land speed records. We did our homework and found 18 things you probably didn't know about Moto Guzzi. 

  1. Moto Guzzi was started by two WWI pilots and their mechanic who spent their time on the ground daydreaming about motorcycles.
  2. The eagle on the logo represents one of the founding trio.
  3. It wasn’t originally called Moto Guzzi.
  4. They used the first engine they ever developed for 45 years.
  5. Carlo Guzzi’s brother rode a bike to the Arctic Circle, proving that their new chassis was worthy.
  6. The Isle of Man Time Trial is one of the most grueling, legendary, and prestigious races in the world. They won both classes they entered in 1935.
  7. That senior class race almost led to the original “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment.
  8. Moto Guzzi was basically the Ferrari of motorcycle racing.
  9. They built the world’s first motorcycle-specific wind tunnel in 1950.
  10. Oh, and that wind tunnel? It was a modified version of a design by Gustave Eiffel. That Eiffel.
  11. They made a blindingly fast V8 racing bike in the mid 1950s that was decades ahead of its time.
  12. And that V8 was the most beautiful V8 ever made for a bike.
  13. They built the Batmobile before Batman was even a thing.
  14. Guzzi also powered this car to land speed records.
  15. They built a MotoTruck.
  16. The Italian motorcycle and scooter industries were extremely sensitive to turf wars, as Moto Guzzi found out.
  17. Moto Guzzi did, however, make a large wheeled scooter as a workaround.
  18. It was once owned by the same company that made the iconic DeTomaso Pantera.
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