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These days, it's possible to see the classic Italy - of olive groves and vineyards, red-tiled roofs clustered in precariously-perched hillside villages, bustling piazzas, Impressionist colors, and, of course, Italian wines and food - in an up-close-and-personal way that most visitors miss. Because you can see this Italy by bicycle.

You can actually cycle across the "boot" of Italy, from coast to coast, in the company of guides who know every inch of these lands. And while you do it, you'll be passing through four of Italy's most beautiful regions: Le Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, and Tuscany. A company called Ciclismo Classico can take you into the sweet spots most tourists fly by in cars or buses or trains. And during these eleven days, you'll learn more about the essential Italy than any guidebook could ever teach you.

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