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What to see in 24h in Rome

What to see in 24h in Rome | Italia Mia |
There are crazy people who decide to visit a city just for one day, like if places were stickers in their album. T hen, there are crazier people who decide to do that mistake with a city like Rome!...
Mariano Pallottini's insight:

What to see in 24h in Rome avoiding queues:

  1. Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè
  2. Pantheon
  3. Fontana di Trevi
  4. Via del Corso
  5. Piazza Venezia
  6. Fori Imperiali
  7. Forno da Milvio
  8. Colosseo
  9. Grezzo
  10. Monti
  11. Caffè Propaganda
  12. Ponte Garibaldi
  13. Antico Caffé del Moro
  14. Freni e Frizioni
  15. Mangiamò

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2 of Top 10 getaways in Europe to visit this Easter are in Italy

2 of Top 10 getaways in Europe to visit this Easter are in Italy | Italia Mia |

With the Easter weekend fast approaching you’ll no doubt be weighing up your travel options for this year’s holiday treat. What if you could be offered something different? Something personal, something more suited to a refined taste in travel and experience?

Grand Hotel San Pietro, Sicily, Italy
As the only Relais & Chateaux in Sicily this quiet and beautifully maintained retreat, a few minutes walk from the centre of Taormina town, is encapsulated by the glorious Sicilian flora that flourishes in this part of the World. From the Grand Hotel San Pietro, breathtaking views can be enjoyed over the Mediterranean seas and out to the ‘Isola Bella’ (beautiful island), a small emerald promontory that can only be reached at low-tide via a connecting bridge.
Stay during Holy Week and experience the fascinating Good Friday Procession along the main street Corso Umberto starting at 7pm. On Sunday morning the Holy Easter Mass at 10am in the S.S. Pietro e Paolo Church is just in front of the hotel.

Masseria La Raganella Celeste, Salento, Italy

What better way to celebrate ‘Settimana Santa’ or Holy Week than a trip to Italy and more specifically to the Salento area in Apulia, where this very important religious event is celebrated across the region.
Spend Easter at Masseria La Raganella Celeste, a luxury modern Masseria not far from Lecce, a perfect mix of contemporary design and traditional local craftsmanship. Tucked away in an extensive olive grove, this very spacious and tranquil villa with infinity pool and a plethora of amenities is equipped to offer you a magical holiday.

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How to travel in Europe - Lonely Planet

How to travel in Europe - Lonely Planet | Italia Mia |

Fifty sovereign states. 10,180,000 sq km. 738,200,000 people. The word ‘Europe’ does little to convey the diversity found within, which can make it a bewildering place to travel. So here’s a handy guide to your transport options:

  • Budget: medium-high
  • Ideal time frame: 2-4 weeks.
  • So? Expensive flexibility.


  • Budget: low-high, depending on your booking nous 
  • Ideal time frame: 1-2 weeks.
  • So? Quick, but missing the point.


  • Budget: medium-high
  • Ideal time frame: 2-4 weeks.
  • So? The scenic classic.


  • Budget: medium
  • Ideal time frame: 3-4 weeks.
  • So? Slow and steady.


  • Budget: low.
  • Ideal time frame: 1-3 months.
  • So? The best immersion.


  • Budget: low.
  • Ideal time frame: 3-12 months.
  • So? Epic – if you have the time.

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European Travel Skills: Packing Light

Packing light is essential for happy, hassle-free travel. Choose your luggage carefully — a carry-on sized convertible backpack/suitcase is the best bet for most travelers. As you pack, carefully scrutinize each item (clothing, electronics, toiletries, etc.) to see if it justifies hauling it around. The payoff is sweet mobility, freedom and a better trip. For more information on the Rick Steves' Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit

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An itinerary of the Amalfi Coast

An itinerary of the Amalfi Coast | Italia Mia |

Perhaps one of Italy’s most memorable coastlines is often one of the least well explored. That is to say many travelers speak of the Amalfi coast, yet only end up exploring a simple section or seeing it from the vantage point of one town or a guided tour or even a ferry ride. The Amalfi coast in its entirety is something that can stun and impress at every twist and bend of its marvelous layout. [...]

Dave Sumner at Dave's curator insight, May 2, 10:52 PM


This article discusses the Amalfi Coast from the perspective of someone who rents a car. I have been to the Amalfi Coast several times and can highly recommend it as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. However, driving there is not for the faint of heart. If you are not familiar with Italian driving, road signs, or the language there are inherent challenges. Add to that the narrow, winding, and steep roads and the challenges go off the scale in my opinion.


Nevertheless, you should put places like Positano on your life list. My wife and I traveled the Amalfi Coast recently with a company named "Share-A-Shore Excursions" and had a wonderful experience (you can find them on the web). The vans were small (cozy), as were the groups, and someone else (who knew the roads and area) did the driving. Since then we have looked into returning and have found that it would be quite easy to fly into Naples and then take a combination of trains and buses, or hired drivers, back to Positano.


The views from high above Positano are breathtaking. The history of the area is unrivaled. The roads are excruciatingly terrifying for the non-native driver. Don't let that stop you. Book a small van or take the train as far as you can and then switch to a bus or taxi. After lingering in Positano I would highly recommend that you allow a day or so to linger on the beach and stroll the shops. The hills that you must walk are challenging so it will take you a day or two to stroll them without exerting yourself too much. And, this is not the place to rush - take your time and enjoy the once in a lifetime view. Cheers, Dave


Dave Sumner writes about the various networks that connect us, be they political, cyber, social, or transportation networks. He often writes about global events and world travel at his blog. You can read more at:

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Travel: 5 free things to do and see in Rome, Italy

Travel: 5 free things to do and see in Rome, Italy | Italia Mia |
A list of worthwhile things to see and do in Rome that tourists may want to add to their itineraries, and the best part is that they won't cost a dime.
Mariano Pallottini's insight:
  1. Glimpsing the Pope in St. Peter's square
  2. The Appian way: ancient Rome
  3. The Imperial Forums by night: a romantic stroll
  4. See three states in a keyhole
  5. Eur neighborhood
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European Travel Skills: Arrival in Europe

Upon arrival in Europe, getting settled and oriented is a snap. Your first stop should be a tourist information booth, where you can pick up a map and ask questions. Zip into town on the efficient local public transit system to reach your hotel. Conquer jet lag by staying active in the fresh air before going to bed at an early local bedtime.

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