15 of the best historic cafes in Europe | Italia Mia | Scoop.it

From fancy Art Deco to one of Amsterdam's oldest brown cafes here are 15 of the best historic cafes in Europe:

  1. La Closerie des Lilas, Paris – best for literary history
  2. Café New York, Budapest – best for most beautiful
  3. Café Central, Vienna – best for classical music
  4. Majestic Café, Porto – best for Art Noveau
  5. Cafe Chris, Amsterdam – best for interesting locals
  6. Caffe Torino, Turin – best for glamorous past

    Turin is actually the first place in Europe where coffee fever first took hold and the Italian city is still home to a thriving cafe culture. Another café that can claim a Belle Epoque atmosphere is the attractive Caffe Torino, Turin first opened in 1903. Clustured amongst the other coffee houses on Piazza San Carlo, Caffe Torino certainly stands out with its rich velvet furnishings, expanses of wood and homely fireplaces. The café has welcomed a whole host of famous names including Ava Gardner, Alcide De Gaspari and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. Boasting a heated terrace since the 1950s, it also has a refined restaurant which adds to its charm.

    •  Piazza San Carlo, 204, 10121 Turin, Italy
  7. The Antico Caffe Greco, Rome – oldest cafe in Rome - 

    Anyone who has visited Rome knows it’s filled with many excellent cafes, but the one that really stands out is The Antico Caffe Greco. It is the second oldest café in Italy, and the oldest bar and café in the whole of Rome. Since opening its doors on Via dei Condotti in 1760 it has hosted such historical figures as Stendhal, Goethe, Byron, Franz Liszt, Henrik Ibsen, Hans Christian Andersen, Keats, Wagner, David Reynolds, Felix Mendelssohn, Maria Zambrano, Levi and Casanova. More contemporary visitors include artists, politicians and writers.

    • Via Condotti 86 | Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy
  8. Ultieme Hallucinatie, Brussels – best for stained glass decor
  9. Café Slavia, Prague – best for understated
  10. Jama Michalika, Krakow – best for quirky decor
  11. Caffe Florian, Venice – oldest cafe in Italy - 

    Caffe Florian in Venice - first opened in  1720 – is considered to be the oldest café in Italy, if not the world. Famous patrons of the two room café include Goethe and the legendary  lothario Casanova. Today Caffe Florian has huge displays of diverse artwork that grace the walls, ranging from comic strips to classical oil paintings. Hosting the world-renowned La Bienniale de Venezia art festival, this café is the perfect place to indulge in some Italian culture as well as enjoying some of the finest coffee in Europe.

    • Piazza San Marco, 56, 30124 Venice, Italy
  12. Café de l’Opera, Barcelona – best for Opera fans
  13. A Brasileira, Lisbon – best for old school elegance
  14. Cafe Buchwald, Berlin – best for sweet tooth’s
  15. Cafe Odeon, Zurich – best for famous past