Tribute to Gino Marotta - | Italia Mia |

Gino Marotta, who passed away in Rome a few days ago, was one of the most significant Italian artists in the post-war period. A painter, academic, sculpture and set designer for Carmelo Bene, Gino Marotta had his works displayed at the Louvre Museum and at the major contemporary art museums in the world, as well as at the Venice Biennale and recently had opened a retrospective at Gnam (National Gallery of Modern Art) in Rome.

We shared two passions with this artist who, having born in Molise, moved to Rome and was awarded honorary citizenship for a small village in the Marche region: the love for contemporary art and that for the Marche where he built a beautiful house-museum in the woods reflecting on the waters of a charming lake. In the latest years of his life, Gino loved designing nature-inspired figurines in methacrylate: the oaks and trees typical of the Marche but also elegant ostriches, agile panthers and the majestic elephants of an imaginary zoo characterized by polished shapes and vivid colours.

Those who were lucky to know and be friend with him will always remember the absolute devotion to the art, the love for nature, the light-hearted scepticism, the good-natured wit and the taste for beauty of an artist of exceptional value and a great heart.