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Occupy Your Voice! Mulit-Media News and Net Neutrality Too
Tracks what is developing about net neutrality, the right to access the internet and information, and other multi-media news, mail, print, technological, radio, wifi, trends and any communication system.A watchful eye on communication policy is kept to report new developments and organized citizen efforts to push back and protect citizens' communication systems from government and corporate over reaching.
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Scooped by Monica S Mcfeeters

Yahoo's Fight for its Users in Secret Court Earns the Company Special Recognition in Who Has Your Back Survey

Each year, EFF’s Who Has Your Back campaign assesses the policies and practices of major Internet companies as a way to encourage and incentivize those companies to take a stand for their users in the face of government demands for data.
Monica S Mcfeeters's insight:

I think all companies should be fighting for the interest of the customers that trusted them with their business and more should be fighting or acting on behalf of their customers.


 I also think citizens should be standing stronger for their own interest. We need to have some huge, specific, general strikes to stand our own ground without having to harm anyone with guns.


These are the three things I would recommend to stand for first.


1.  Communication:

The open internet needs to be made the LAW with net neutrality being the formal LAW that says no WEB site access can be blocked, slowed, or interrupted without a warrant and just cause in each case. That would include be to tell both the governments and the corporations of all types hands off without just cause. A clear message that governments and businesses are allowed to operate only to serve the interest of the citizens and not the other way around. http://www.scoop.it/t/it-s-our-web-lets-keep-it-neutral-and-open  


2.  Privacy:

We need to upgrade the 4th amendment with a Law covering all media and mass communication systems...no spying, search or seizure without a warrant for each case and notification of this event if prosecution cannot be made so that breached PW and other security may be readjusted. Industries too risky (power/water and the pentagon) to run on the WEB should have closed systems so security can be controlled without compromising all citizens’ security.


3.Economic power:

We need to rally for the Anti-Corruption Act and criminalize the corruption of money in our policies at both the State and National levels. http://anticorruptionact.org  We need to meet at town halls or kitchen tables to OCCUPY our on government more effectively and select and monitor our representatives and regulators more carefully. Geography, National and World History, Philosophy, World Religions, Cultures and World International Economies need to be studied starting with the young as multimedia stories and games and continuing as life long learning. Current events need to be a community concern. Creative Visionary educational activities should also be maintained to generate creative thinking for problems and ideas we have never seen. Local Non-profit radio and papers should operate in 50-mile area for information sharing and they should include all opinions. (Knowledge is a communication and education battle as well as economic) Making wise local, national, and international choices requires educated, informed, engaged, well-connected communities.

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Rescooped by Monica S Mcfeeters from Finland

Why Are Finnish Kids So Smart?

Why Are Finnish Kids So Smart? | Occupy Your Voice! Mulit-Media News and Net Neutrality Too | Scoop.it
For years, Finland has scored at the top of every category and has increasingly been held up as a model for educational reform. But, why? Producer Eric Bombicino explores Finland's unique education system.


"The Finnish system's success is built on the idea that: "less can be more." This may appear counter-intuitive to many within other educational systems in which standards and effectiveness are measured in standardised data and evidence trails. The absence of corrosive competition and an egalitarian ethos inherent in the Finnish culture has surely played a role in shaping this very impressive system."

Via Ulla M. Saikku
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