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Occupy Your Voice! Mulit-Media News and Net Neutrality Too
Tracks what is developing about net neutrality, the right to access the internet and information, and other multi-media news, mail, print, technological, radio, wifi, trends and any communication system.A watchful eye on communication policy is kept to report new developments and organized citizen efforts to push back and protect citizens' communication systems from government and corporate over reaching.
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Scooped by Monica S Mcfeeters

Bye Bye Net Neutrality? - Light Reading

Bye Bye Net Neutrality? - Light Reading | Occupy Your Voice! Mulit-Media News and Net Neutrality Too | Scoop.it
Bye Bye Net Neutrality?
Light Reading
Say goodbye to network neutrality… at least for now. That's my take after watching and evaluating the arguments over the issue at the D.C. Circuit Court recently.
Monica S Mcfeeters's insight:

Drop Verizon and don't give them a chance to be the troll charging you twice or even more to pass on an Internet bridge we all paid to build to reach the links we choose to use.  If they want extra pay to provide good, open, affordable access to the internet communication system or cell service  then forget them...


How about getting double charged for your use of the internet so Verizon can line their pockets and give their richest costumers the first class seats on the fast line lanes while they put everyone else cramped up in their economy slow internet lane?


If they don't think they think they Verizon is not a common carrier of communications these days then what is everyone paying Verizon so much for?


Second class treatment is what Verizon wants to be allowed to offer their costumers and if they do they better drop their price by 75% for the privilege of letting them treat everyone else like they are only worth a lesser, lousy service...as a punishment for costumer not willing to be fleeced by Verizon or those who are not able to afford Verizon billing to access the web, then billing people for the links they want to get to or to reach the people they what to reach out to. Why not just allow Verizon a business permit to just service rich people who can afford the Verizon cherry picked style of Internet communication service? 


If the Internet wasn't highly important all these companies and governments would not be drolling and bitting at the bit to get control over it and sap the wealth out of everyone if they succeed in gaining control. . The fight for the open Web and citizen control over what we do with our great new communication system is a non-stop battle between citizenss and those who want to own the system and control it.


If enough of us push this back we will hold our internet again and get ready to go up against the next attempt to take it over. Corproations and governments will be back for another and another try to take it over for their own. The citizens will again stand up against this power grab and together we can continue to push back the corporate efforts to seize the power of the Web for their own private, selfish interest. So please get in the loop and stay informed about power plays for the Web and  be ready to join the citizen's side in this cyber war.

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Rescooped by Monica S Mcfeeters from Finland

Finland among the top five in the global Web Index

Finland among the top five in the global Web Index | Occupy Your Voice! Mulit-Media News and Net Neutrality Too | Scoop.it
Finland ranks on the fifth place in the Web Index 2012, a global ranking that measures the impact of the web on the world’s people and nations. The Web Index was launched by the Web Foundation which is led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Via Ulla M. Saikku
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