Common Core expects English teachers to spend half of their reading time at every grade on informational texts, says opponent. TRUE or FALSE? | It's Not About the Standards |

With full implementation of the Common Core State Standards just a year away, Florida is taking last-minute feedback from supporters and critics alike.

Gov. Rick Scott, whose tea party base has been among the most vocal critics, called for three public hearings in October to garner input. Education officials have said that the comments could be used to "tweak" the standards, which already are being used in the state’s schools.

Education Commissioner Pam Stewart listened during the first hearing on Oct. 15 in Tampa as dozens of people spoke. The first speaker was Sandra Stotsky, an education professor at the University of Arkansas and staunch critic of the Common Core.

One of Stotsky’s complaints was that literature and fiction would be replaced with nonfiction informational texts.

Via Deb Gardner