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C# 5.0 Programmer's Reference - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook

C# 5.0 Programmer's Reference - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook | IT Books Free Share |
C# 5.0 Programmer's Reference PDF Free Download, Reviews, Read Online, ISBN: 1118847288, By Rod Stephens
Fox eBook's insight:

Part I: The C# Ecosystem
Chapter 1: The C# Environment
Chapter 2: Writing a First Program
Chapter 3: Program and Code File Structure

Part II: C# Language Elements
Chapter 4: Data Types, Variables, and Constants
Chapter 5: Operators
Chapter 6: Methods
Chapter 7: Program Control Statements
Chapter 8: LINQ
Chapter 9: Error Handling
Chapter 10: Tracing and Debugging

Part III: Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 11: OOP Concepts
Chapter 12: Classes and Structures
Chapter 13: Namespaces
Chapter 14: Collection Classes
Chapter 15: Generics

Part IV: Interacting with the Environment
Chapter 16: Printing
Chapter 17: Configuration and Resources
Chapter 18: Streams
Chapter 19: File System Objects
Chapter 20: Networking

Part V: Advanced Topics
Chapter 21: Regular Expressions
Chapter 22: Parallel Programming
Chapter 23: ADO.NET
Chapter 24: XML
Chapter 25: Serialization
Chapter 26: Reflection
Chapter 27: Cryptography

Part VI: Appendices
Appendix A: Solutions to Exercises
Appendix B: Data Types
Appendix C: Variable Declarations
Appendix D: Constant Declarations
Appendix E: Operators
Appendix F: Method Declarations
Appendix G: Useful Attributes
Appendix H: Control Statements
Appendix I: Error Handling
Appendix J: LINQ
Appendix K: Classes and Structures
Appendix L: Collection Classes
Appendix M: Generic Declarations
Appendix N: Printing and Graphics
Appendix O: Useful Exception Classes
Appendix P: Date and Time Format Specifiers
Appendix Q: Other Format Specifiers
Appendix R: Streams
Appendix S: Filesystem Classes
Appendix T: Regular Expressions
Appendix U: Parallel Programming
Appendix V: XML
Appendix W: Serialization
Appendix X: Reflection

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C# 5.0 Pocket Reference - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook

C# 5.0 Pocket Reference - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook | IT Books Free Share |
C# 5.0 Pocket Reference PDF Free Download, Reviews, Read Online, ISBN: 1449320171, By Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari
Fox eBook's insight:

When you need answers for programming with C# 5.0, this practical and tightly focused book tells you exactly what you need to know—without long introductions or bloated samples. Easy to browse, it’s ideal as quick reference or as a guide to get you rapidly up to speed if you already know Java, C++, or an earlier version of C#.

Written by the authors of C# 5.0 in a Nutshell, this book covers the entire C# 5.0 language, including:


All of C#’s fundamentalsAdvanced topics such as operator overloading, type constraints, covariance & contravariance, iterators, nullable types, operator lifting, lambda expressions & closuresLINQ, starting with sequences, lazy execution and standard query operators, and finishing with a complete reference to query expressionsDynamic binding and C# 5.0’s new asynchronous functionsUnsafe code & pointers, custom attributes, preprocessor directives, and XML documentation
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Professional C# 5.0 and .NET 4.5.1 - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook

Professional C# 5.0 and .NET 4.5.1 - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook | IT Books Free Share |
Professional C# 5.0 and .NET 4.5.1 PDF Free Download, Reviews, Read Online, ISBN: 1118833031, By Christian Nagel, Jay Glynn, Morgan Skinner
Fox eBook's insight:

Part I: The C# Language
Chapter 1: .NET Architecture
Chapter 2: Core C#
Chapter 3: Objects and Types
Chapter 4: Inheritance
Chapter 5: Generics
Chapter 6: Arrays and Tuples
Chapter 7: Operators and Casts
Chapter 8: Delegates, Lambdas, and Events
Chapter 9: Strings and Regular Expressions
Chapter 10: Collections
Chapter 11: Language Integrated Query
Chapter 12: Dynamic Language Extensions
Chapter 13: Asynchronous Programming
Chapter 14: Memory Management and Pointers
Chapter 15: Reflection
Chapter 16: Errors and Exceptions

Part II: Visual Studio
Chapter 17: Visual Studio 2013
Chapter 18: Deployment

Part III: Foundation
Chapter 19: Assemblies
Chapter 20: Diagnostics
Chapter 21: Tasks, Threads, and Synchronization
Chapter 22: Security
Chapter 23: Interop
Chapter 24: Manipulating Files and the Registry
Chapter 25: Transactions
Chapter 26: Networking
Chapter 27: Windows Services
Chapter 28: Localization
Chapter 29: Core XAML
Chapter 30: Managed Extensibility Framework
Chapter 31: Windows Runtime

Part IV: Data
Chapter 32: Core ADO.NET
Chapter 33: ADO.NET Entity Framework
Chapter 34: Manipulating XML

Part V: Presentation
Chapter 35: Core WPF
Chapter 36: Business Applications with WPF
Chapter 37: Creating Documents with WPF
Chapter 38: Windows Store Apps: User Interface
Chapter 39: Windows Store Apps: Contracts and Devices
Chapter 40: Core ASP.NET
Chapter 41: ASP.NET Web Forms
Chapter 42: ASP.NET MVC

Part VI: Communication
Chapter 43: Windows Communication Foundation
Chapter 44: ASP.NET Web API
Chapter 45: Windows Workflow Foundation
Chapter 46: Peer-to-Peer Networking
Chapter 47: Message Queuing

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C# 5.0 All-in-One For Dummies - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook

C# 5.0 All-in-One For Dummies - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook | IT Books Free Share |
C# 5.0 All-in-One For Dummies PDF Free Download, Reviews, Read Online, ISBN: 1118385365, By Bill Sempf, Chuck Sphar, Stephen R. Davis
Fox eBook's insight:
Table of Contents


Book I: The Basics of C# Programming
Chapter 1: Creating Your First C# Console Application
Chapter 2: Living with Variability — Declaring Value-Type Variables
Chapter 3: Pulling Strings
Chapter 4: Smooth Operators
Chapter 5: Getting into the Program Flow
Chapter 6: Lining Up Your Ducks with Collections
Chapter 7: Stepping through Collections
Chapter 8: Buying Generic
Chapter 9: Some Exceptional Exceptions


Book II: Object-Oriented C# Programming
Chapter 1: Object-Oriented Programming — What’s It All About?
Chapter 2: Showing Some Class
Chapter 3: We Have Our Methods
Chapter 4: Let Me Say This about this
Chapter 5: Holding a Class Responsible
Chapter 6: Inheritance: Is That All I Get?
Chapter 7: Poly-what-ism?
Chapter 8: Interfacing with the Interface
Chapter 9: Delegating Those Important Events
Chapter 10: Can I Use Your Namespace in the Library?
Chapter 11: Improving Productivity with Named and Optional Parameters


Book III: Designing for C#
Chapter 1: Writing Secure Code
Chapter 2: Accessing Data
Chapter 3: Fishing the FileStream
Chapter 4: Accessing the Internet
Chapter 5: Creating Images
Chapter 6: Programming Dynamically!
Chapter 7: Helping Out with Interop


Book IV: A Tour of Visual Studio
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Visual Studio
Chapter 2: Using the Interface
Chapter 3: Customizing Visual Studio
Chapter 4: Transforming Text Templates

Book V: Windows Development with WPF
Chapter 1: Introducing WPF
Chapter 2: Understanding the Basics of WPF
Chapter 3: Data Binding in WPF
Chapter 4: Practical WPF


Book VI: Web Development with ASP.NET
Chapter 1: Looking at How ASP.NET Works with C#
Chapter 2: Building Web Applications
Chapter 3: Controlling Your Development Experience
Chapter 4: Leveraging the .NET Framework
Chapter 5: Digging into Web Construction


Book VII: Service-Oriented Development
Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with Web Services
Chapter 2: Building Web Services with ASMX
Chapter 3: Building Web Services with WCF
Chapter 4: Building Web Services with REST

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