Issues on Poverty
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Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can't Afford Food

Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can't Afford Food | Issues on Poverty |
Low-income people are 27 percent more likely to be hospitalized for hypoglycemia at the end of the month—right before paychecks and benefits come out.

Via David Simpson
Bunaiya Zuhairin's insight:

Low-Income people are now most likely to have hypoglycemia or low count of sugar in blood as they could'nt afford food for themselves. There is also an increase of hypoglucemia among the lower income and it is much more severe case than having diabetes.

In my opinion, the society should lend a hand in providing food for the lower-income rather than sympathize them once they have diseases and helping in the hospital bills. Children can also be educated to raise awarness of poverty in their countries. 

Zhiyang Liang's comment, January 29, 2014 10:06 AM
In my perspective, not only just the lack of food and the high medical treatment fee may cause the poor sick, but also the obstinacy of poor people. When they initially infect some small disease like flu, cough and fever. The first thought come out of their mind is that those diseases would flee away after a few days and there is no need to see the doctor and eat drugs. No one says that they should think in that way but our society forces them to think and they have no choice, they do not have enough money. Consequently, the evolution of those small disease leads to many great problems. So what can we do to help them is just to donate money and create health welfare to decrease their costs to some extent.
May's comment, January 30, 2014 7:32 AM
I agree with Evelyn that the poor have no enough money for food let alone medical bills. They are barely making both ends meet so where would they get the extra money for medical bills? They cant afford to have leftover money or savings for the month or anything like these. So they wont go check up for their health when they think they are just fine. Only later then they will know they have hypoglycemia. We should lend a helping hand by donating money, food and clothes for the poor instead donating only when they have developed hypoglycemia.
Jasmine Choo's comment, February 3, 2014 1:52 AM
I agree with Bunaiya. Instead of helping these people suffering from the disease in later stages, donors/the society should have helped them in the earlier stages or while they are still not suffering from any disease. Educating the people from young will lead to a better future for all.
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Washington: A world apart

Washington: A world apart | Issues on Poverty |
A world apart: One-third of Zip codes in the D.C. area are considered ‘Super Zips’ for wealth and education

Via Andy Ho
Bunaiya Zuhairin's insight:

How a woman from a lower income family become an Upper-middle income when her parents were only blue-collared workers till they studied in college at night and became egineers. They then shifted to a place to where most affluented area. Many of them are wealthy and have a median household income of $120,000. 


Despite those incomes, many of them don't think they are among the wealthy. Problems soon raised when the well to do families are isolated from the poor families.


I think that despite the poverty, as a nation, the well to do should lend a helping hand to the poors as they are still able to be saved. It is also possible for the lower income families to be an upper income families in Washington as the poverty issues are not as serious as compared to those in Third world countries like Africa.

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The Children's Society's Matthew Reed: Millions are facing a winter of misery - we need to fight child poverty

The Children's Society's Matthew Reed: Millions are facing a winter of misery - we need to fight child poverty | Issues on Poverty |
Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of The Children's Society, says that the choice between heating and eating is one no one should have to make

Via Steven Preece
Bunaiya Zuhairin's insight:

Families in Britain are facing hardships in winter as most of them can't afford to pay for the bills as they are in the need of warmth for the families and their main concern for their children. 


With the help of Children's Society, most families now get use heaters as they will be financially helped with the bills. These families need helps from other societies in financial to provide food and home to live in comfortably like everyone else.

Sara Abdul's comment, January 28, 2014 10:54 PM
I agree with Bunaiya's insight .To the point that they could not afford using the heaters during winter season is really heart-breaking. The government should help them and give them money .
Sein's comment, January 29, 2014 3:22 AM
I think that able people and goverment should spent money and effort to help them to keep them warm.Goverment,communities , and the school should work together to support and help those student who are facing poverty so most in need will get help.
Jasmine Choo's comment, February 3, 2014 2:20 AM
I agree with Bunaiya. We all need food, warmth and water to survive. However, some people out there are not as lucky as we are. They need to make sacrifices just to provide. The government should do more to provide for these people. We should also learn to cherish and be satisfied with what we have.