"Iraqi Dialect VS Modern Standard Arab (MSA) helps Iraqi students in higher studies to get an idea of how they can say Arabic things that they know in a fluent English . By going over the chapters on and on, they will unconsciously get a schema of how to deal with the collocations, expressions, idioms, and proverbs that are introduced as notions, functions, and concepts and use them in the real life conversations. There is enough analysis of the Iraqi sound system embedded in the mechanism of Iraqi dialect versus Modern standard Arabic (MSA) to help you be aware of for teaching purposes as well.  This book also shows the areas where Hebrew or Assyrian languages are manifested in the Iraqi dialect as consonant clusters, or as phrases and or expressions that go rather with the languages of the indigenous people especially in the matter of intonation and stress patterns in the sentence and the paragraph levels. The primary aim of the book is to further push research to discover more about dialects and sub-dialects in Iraq. I hope students in their university studies will benefit a lot from this plainly written book."

Via Stefano KaliFire