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"Painless App Distribution. Send your beta apps over the air with ease. It's simple, painless, and magical"

Here’s a complete listing of the new features from the Testflight blog:

  • Crash Reports – Real time reports with environment snapshots, full session activity, and your NSLogs.
  • Check Points - Monitor tester engagement and watch as they progress through your app or take unexpected turns.
  • Sessions - Discover how testers are using your application. Watch as they progress and take unexpected turns.
  • In-App Questions - Get the answers you need right when you need them. Ask multiple choice or open answer questions in real time the moment a checkpoint is reached.
  • Feedback - Gather more feedback with in-app forms or via tester email replies, which is all neatly organized in your dashboard and enables immediate responses.
  • In-App Updates - Prompt testers to install the latest version of your app and they can update instantly over-the-air.
  • Enterprise IPA Support - If you have an Enterprise Developer account through Apple, you get the added benefit of unlimited devices with all the TestFlight features.
  • Build Reporting -View realtime build status and tester activity.