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iOS Dev Tips: Custom UISplitViewController for iPad

iOS Dev Tips: Custom UISplitViewController for iPad | iPhone and iPad development | Scoop.it
The main reason for custom UISplitViewController — it's possible to be extended. For now:

it always keeps both sides visible
it's always launched in the Portrait but rotated to any direction properly
each side contains UINavigationController so it's easy to do any navigation by pushing and poping UIViewControllers
any number of APSplitViewController can be used inside tabs of UITabBarController (APCustomTabBarController included)

✔ Sources : https://github.com/slatvick/APSplitViewController
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Please note that, since split-views are commonly used for "Master-Detail" interfaces, I call the first sub-view the "master" and the second sub-view the "detail".

* By default, MGSplitViewController mimics the appearance and (complete) behaviour of UISplitViewController, including its delegate API. It accepts two UIViewControllers (or subclasses thereof).
* Allows toggling the visibility of the master view in either interface-orientation; i.e. you can have master-detail or detail-only in either landscape and/or portrait orientations (independently, and/or interactively).
* Allows choosing whether the split orientation is vertical (i.e. left/right, like UISplitViewController), or horizontal (master above, and detail below). You can toggle between modes interactively, with animation.
* Allows choosing whether the master view is before (above, or to left of) the detail view, or after it (below, or to the right).
* Allows you to choose (and change) the position of the split, i.e. the relative sizes of the master and detail views.
* Allows you to enable dragging of the split/divider between the master and detail views, with optional constraining via a delegate method.
* Allows you to choose the width of the split between the master and detail views.
* Preset "divider styles": one for non-draggable UISplitViewController-like dividers, and one for draggable, thicker style with a grip-strip.
* Allows you to substitute your own divider-view (an MGSplitDividerView subclass), used to draw the split between the master and detail views.

✔ Sources: https://github.com/mattgemmell/MGSplitViewController
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