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NSLogger, a high perfomance logging utilit

NSLogger, a high perfomance logging utilit | iPhone and iPad development | Scoop.it

NSLogger is a high perfomance logging utility which displays traces emitted by client applications running on Mac OS X or iOS (iPhone OS). It replaces your usual NSLog()-based traces and provides powerful additions like display filtering, image and binary logging, traces buffering, timing information, etc.

NSLogger feature summary:

  • View logs using the Mac OS X desktop viewer, accept connections from local network clients (using Bonjour) or remote clients connecting directly over the internet
  • Online (application running and connected to NSLogger) and offline (saved logs) log viewing
  • Buffer all traces in memory or in a file, send them over to viewer when a connection is acquired
  • Secure logging (connections use SSL by default)
  • Advanced log filtering optionsSave viewer logs to share them and/or review them laterExport logs to text files
  • Open raw buffered traces files that you brought back from client applications not directly connected to the log viewer

✔ Sources: https://github.com/fpillet/NSLogger

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More Informative NSLog’s with Prefix Headers

More Informative NSLog’s with Prefix Headers | iPhone and iPad development | Scoop.it

I have a quick tip today that I have been using in some of my development that you guys may find helpful in yours. Lately I’ve been developing a Framework. We mentioned a little something about it earlier here on iCodeBlog.

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