cooliris-toolkit - Open source toolkit for iOS applications by Cooliris, Inc | iPhone and iPad development |

Cooliris ToolKit for iOS is a collection of Objective-C classes you can use to speed up development of your iOS applications. It is used in various Cooliris products for iOS like Discover or Decks.


What makes Cooliris ToolKit different from various open-source toolkits is that each feature was designed to have minimal dependency on the other ones. Each feature was also designed to be implemented with a single .h/.m source code files pair. The combination of these 2 design goals makes it quite easy to re-use only what you need from this project without clustering your application with many additional obscure source files.


Cooliris ToolKit is copyright 2011 Cooliris, Inc. and available under Apache 2.0 license.


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