iPads in high school
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iPads in high school
Creative and curricular ideas and resources for teaching with an iPad
Curated by Carol Ann Sass
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Rescooped by Carol Ann Sass from Curtin iPad User Group

How To Use iPads For Personal Professional Development - Edudemic

How To Use iPads For Personal Professional Development - Edudemic | iPads in high school | Scoop.it
Before I rush ahead with how I am going to roll out this device in my classrooms, I need to effectively incorporate it into my life and figure out how to use iPads to make me a better teacher.

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Jacqui Kelly's curator insight, August 4, 2013 8:38 PM

Getting comfortable using your iPad in a range of ways is vital prior to trying to figure out how you can use it in your classroom. 

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iPad Research in Schools - Use and Impact of the iPad

iPad Research in Schools - Use and Impact of the iPad | iPads in high school | Scoop.it

An in-depth study that took place in Scotland, looking at "issues associated with the deployment of personal mobile devices as tools for teaching and learning."
Four themes were identified:

* How tablet devices impacted teaching and learning?

* Leadership and management issues

* Parental engagement

* Professional development and learning for teachers

The post lists six headlines from the study, including (quoting):

* The adoption of mobile technologies on a personal basis significantly increases access to technology for students, both inside and beyond school, with many attendant benefits for learning which include greater motivation, engagement, parental involvement, and understanding of complex ideas.

 * Teachers are equally engaged by the use of a device like the iPad which has a low learning curve enabling them to use it immediately as a teaching tool and a learning tool for themselves.

For more information click through to the article. To download the report you will need to go a link at the end of the articles "iPad Scotland Evaluation."

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#Groupboard turn #ipad into a collaborative whiteboard #edtech20 #mlearning

#Groupboard turn #ipad into a collaborative whiteboard #edtech20 #mlearning | iPads in high school | Scoop.it

Welcome in the New Tech Age because Curation Restart Education in our Project http://bit.ly/credproject ; Follow http://twitter.com/web20education http://xeeme.com/LucianeCurator ; like http://web20education.bo.lt/credprojectfacebookpage . and get free our mLearning app http://web20education.bo.lt/credapp


Groupboard turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a collaborative whiteboard, allowing you to draw and chat in real time with other people anywhere on the internet, even with users using a web browser. Use it for online tutoring, collaborative design, or just for fun!

Simple to use - simply start the app and then draw on the screen by dragging your finger. Use two fingers (pinch) to scroll and zoom. Click the Connect tab to connect with other people.

Features include the ability to change colors, shapes, line width, and upload photos which you can then draw on. Log in as administrator for the ability to ban users and delete pictures.

Use two fingers (pinch gesture) to zoom in or out and scroll.

You can set up your own free Groupboard which allows you to connect to 5 other people. 15- and 50-user Groupboards are also available, starting at $9.99/month. Groupboard Designer provides a more advanced whiteboard with features such as infinite whiteboard size and multiple pages, starting at $19.99/month. Once you have set up your own Groupboard, you can access it from a web browser by clicking on a link, or from an iPhone/iPod/iPad. You can also embed your Groupboard in your own web page if you wish.


- Real-time multi-user: when other users are connected to the same Groupboard everyone will see what other users are drawing in real-time (no delay)
- Pinch (2 fingers) to scroll/zoom (infinite scroll/zoom when connected to Groupboard Designer)
- Shake to clear
- Upload photos from your phone gallery or take a photo with the camera and draw on top of it
- Upload images or pdf/doc/xls/ppt documents from Dropbox (document upload only available for Groupboard Designer boards)
- Save to the Groupboard server or your phone gallery
- Multiple tools/colors
- Fully compatible with Groupboard and Groupboard Designer (but note that some features, such as delete/move, can only be initiated from a browser and not from iPhone/iPad)
- Infinite whiteboard size and multiple pages when connected to Groupboard Designer
- Undo option when connected to Groupboard Designer (shake gesture)
- Optional eraser tool
- Print option on iPad
- Optimized for retina displays
- External display mirroring (VGA out) enabled by default when using an iOS 3.2+ device
- Log in as admin to ban users or delete pictures (use swipe gesture to delete a picture when logged in as admin)
- Connect to any hosted or enterprise (self-hosted) Groupboard
- Bookmarks of previously connected boards (in the Connect tab)
- Find boards using the 'who's on now' and 'top 100 boards' and search buttons in the Connect tab.
- Ability to launch the app from a url e.g. "groupboard://www.groupboard.com/1?name=bob&password=test&board_width=810&board_height=480" - replace 1 with your board id (name, password and board_width/height are optional). Note that you must already have the Groupboard app installed, and you cannot type this url directly into safari - you can only click on it.

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Tomorrow belongs to the tablet

Tomorrow belongs to the tablet | iPads in high school | Scoop.it
Is Apple's next big thing already out there?


This raises a more basic question: Why are people willing to spend $329 on an iPad when they can get an Android tablet for $200? It's not because the iPad is prettier or more powerful. It's because it's more useful – because its App Store is packed with more apps than you'll find for any other tablet. Apple says it has 350,000 tablet-specific apps in its store; Google has never disclosed the number of tablet-specific Android apps, but anyone who's ever perused the Play store knows the number is tiny. This is a crucial advantage, because unlike a phone, a tablet is pretty useless without great apps.

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#Atomic Web Browser - Full Screen Tabbed Browser w/ Download Manager & Dropbox for #ipad #edtech20 #mlearning

#Atomic Web Browser - Full Screen Tabbed Browser w/ Download Manager & Dropbox for #ipad #edtech20 #mlearning | iPads in high school | Scoop.it

Welcome in the New Tech Age where Curation is Social Media King http://bit.ly/CurationKing tell you Lucian a normal teacher who work a lot to became Social Media Curator http://xeeme.com/LucianeCurator . Now I want to implement Curation Restart Education Project http://bit.ly/credproject ; and for this reason I invite you to join and collaborate and follow http://twitter.com/web20education ; like http://web20education.bo.lt/credprojectfacebookpage . and get free our mLearning app http://web20education.bo.lt/credapp . I invite to read all my blogs daily http://bitly.com/bundles/web20education/1 and Subscribe free to my research blogs http://bitly.com/feededtech20blogs . I write weekly in my 1st research blog about top 10 tools http://bit.ly/myresearchblog , In my curation Blog http://bit.ly/curationblog I write daily about startup curation tools : I also write in http://bit.ly/startup4edublog

Atomic Web Browser is the most advanced and customizable fullscreen web browser to date. Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, Downloads, and much more.

Press Coverage:
✪"Best alternate browser"― Macworld
✪"Atomic Web: A Better iPad Browser" ― PCWorld
✪"The Best Web Browser For iPhone" ― Lifehacker
✪"It has the best user interface, the best feature set, and the best speed of the browsers tested. " - Appadvice

● Highlights ●

Use the entire screen to display a webpage. You can add buttons for 30 different functions and also change the transparency.

Hold down a link or image to download the file or image in background. Multiple downloads can run at the same time and you can suspend and resume them at any time.

- Dropbox
- iTunes Document Sharing
- E-mail

The user can choose between desktop style tabs or a list view. Atomic Web Browser supports unlimited tabs. Hold down a link to open it in a new tab or a new background tab.

Tabs load and render simultaneously to save time.

✔ IDENTIFY AS: Safari Desktop, IE, Firefox
Atomic Web Browser has the ability to spoof the UserAgent string to trick web sites into thinking the browser comes from a desktop computer. TIP: Set Identify Browser to Desktop Safari to avoid mobile versions of websites

✔ AD BLOCK: [OFF by default]
Atomic Web Browser can block most ad banners through URL filters. To enable Ad Block, goto Settings->Ad Block Settings and set Ad Block Filter to on.

Video out to display web pages on TV or projector. (iPad, iPhone4)

The iPad version can adjust the screen brightness for night time viewing.

8 multi touch gestures are supported.

Default Values:
-2 finger swipe left: Switch to Previous Tab
-2 finger swipe right: Switch to Next Tab
-2 finger swipe up: Load homepage
-2 finger swipe down: close current tab
-2 finger tap top: Scroll up one page
-2 finger tap middle: enable/disable quick scroll bar
-2 finger tap bottom: Scroll down one page
-3 finger tap: Enters / Exits full screen mode

Each gesture is configurable with 36 functions to choose from.

Save pages with images for offline viewing

Save and fill out forms with the press of a button

Use this feature to find a word within a web page.

- Ability to Import / Export bookmarks from your desktop browser
- Open bookmark in new tab
- Open All Bookmarks in a folder in tabs
- Bookmark Bar (iPad only)

Additional search engines can be installed in 2 clicks. You can also manually add custom search engines in settings.

Atomic Web Browsers allows the font to be increased or decreased. Modified fonts can be stored for sub domains.

✔ PRIVATE MODE: [OFF by default]
Enabling private mode will stop the browser from remembering history and will clear all cookies on exit.

✔ PASSCODE LOCK: [OFF by default]
When passcode lock is enabled, a passcode will be required when the browser is launched

Share a link through Facebook, Twitter, Pinboard, Instapaper, Read it Later, or E-mail.

Enable this feature to lock the current screen orientation.

You can setup Atomic Web Browser to launch all previously open tabs, the last viewed page or your home page.

This browser has a view source option to help web developers on the go.




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How Apple let a hacker remotely wipe an iPhone, iPad, MacBook

How Apple let a hacker remotely wipe an iPhone, iPad, MacBook | iPads in high school | Scoop.it
Summary: Gizmodo's Twitter account was recently hacked, after a former employee's iCloud account was breached, and all his Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air) were remotely wiped.


Gust MEES: Why this security article here? This will show YOU that "Nobody is Perfect" and that WE ALL have to learn about IT-Security, especially Teachers, Educators, Instructors... It's our responsibilty to give best advice about e-Learning, and IT-Security is part of e-Learning in 21st Century ;)


Check also my FREE courses about basic knowledge of IT-Security:













Read more (nobody is perfect)...:



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