Education Rethink: You Need to Use Technology the Wrong Way | IPAD, un nuevo concepto socio-educativo! |

I don't think I've ever known anyone else who uses a spreadsheet as a calendar. For me, it works, though. I have the date, the day, the task or event, the type of task and the location. For recurring events, I simply write "every week" or "every day." Then, I use the sort function to see what I need to do each day or to see the timeline of a particular project (sorting by category). I like being able to ask, "When is Galileo testing?" and simply sorting it with one click. Calendars don't allow me to do that.

[...] Wikis might work better than blogs for a group project. Twitter might be a better back-channel than adding ideas to a shared concept map. Taking a camera snapshot of the board and then listening might work better for a student than Evernote would. That's a good thing. We should all have the permission to choose different tools to accomplish similar tasks.

Via Alastair Creelman