- broadcast is a fun, useful way to turn your mobile phone into a voice broadcast network. Listen to instant updates from interesting people and create your own station to broadcast your voice to your friends, fans, and audience.

+ find interesting people to follow and listen to for real-time voice updates
+ engage your friends and fans with the personal, intimate sound of your voice
+ share the sounds of your life across existing social publishing feeds such as Twitter and Facebook

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We realized that a person's voice is a powerful form of connection. We want to make it easier to share sound to make the world a better, more connected place.

We'd love to listen to your feedback, thoughts, and ideas on how we can make better for you. Please send these to If you have any problems with the service, please send a description of the issue to was lovingly crafted by Abhay, Kevin, Sameer, Chris, and David in San Francisco, CA.

Thanks and enjoy broadcast!

Via LucianeCurator