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BeSeen is provided by Carnegie Mellon University and Web Wise Kids to teach youth how to be responsible in social networks by securing their private and personal information, protecting their online reputation and defending their peers.


This online safety mobile application is a single-player game that simulates a social networking website. The player creates a profile and starts earning “friend” characters and interacting with them. They learn about others through their posts and help them through challenges in order to win awards and make new friends.


In BeSeen, the ultimate quest is to make friends. At first, that is a matter of getting involved in school activities, but as more friends join a social circle, they bring their problems with them.

To keep friends and make more, it’s important not only to be involved but to be a good friend. Who is up for the challenge?


Web Wise Kids' President Judi Westberg Warren discusses how their BeSeen app, like Web Wise Kids' other games, teaches youth ===> how to think critically about the decisions they make online and on social networks. <===


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