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iOS & OS X Development
cool tips and source code for Cocoa, Swift and Objective-C
Curated by Alessio Nonni
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XToDo | iOS & OS X Development |

Xcode plugin to collect and list the "TODO", "FIXME", "???", "!!!!".

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AAShareBubbles | iOS & OS X Development |

Animated Social share buttons control.
Supported share buttons:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Vkontakte (, E-mail

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MessageBarManager | iOS & OS X Development |

An iOS manager for presenting system-wide notifications via a dropdown message bar.

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PermissiveResearch | iOS & OS X Development |

An iOS search engine that allows mistakes in the searched element in huge data. Many developpers would have executed a fectch request on a CoreData database or a predicate to filter on a NSArray.

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EKAlgorithms | iOS & OS X Development |

EKAlgorithms is a gradually increasing bunch of algorithms in which some well known CS algorithms, data structures & others are implemented in Objective-C language.

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CLImageEditor | iOS & OS X Development |

CLImageEditor provides basic image editing features to iPhone apps. This ViewController is simple to use, and is also possible to incorporate as part of the UIImagePickerController easily.

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MSDynamicsDrawerViewController | iOS & OS X Development |

MSDynamicsDrawerViewController is a container view controller that manages the presentation of a single "pane" view controller overlaid over one or two "drawer" view controllers. The drawer view controllers are hidden by default, but can be exposed by a user-initiated swipe in the direction that that drawer view controller is hidden in. It uses UIKit Dynamics for all animation—there's not a single call to animateWithDuration:animations: in the project.

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Use AutoLayout for UI Design of iOS Apps using Storyboard | TechNet

Use AutoLayout for UI Design of iOS Apps using Storyboard | TechNet | iOS & OS X Development |
In this tutorial or demo, we will see about how to use AutoLayout for UI Design of iOS application using Storyboard.
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RBBAnimation | iOS & OS X Development |

RBBAnimation is a subclass of CAKeyframeAnimation that allows you to declare your animations using blocks instead of writing out all the individual key-frames.


This gives you greater flexibility when specifying your animations while keeping your code concise.


It comes out of the box with a replacement for CASpringAnimation, support for custom easing functions such as bouncing as well as hooks to allow your writing your own animations fully from scratch.

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SimulatorRemoteNotifications | iOS & OS X Development |

SimulatorRemoteNotifications is an iOS library to send (fake) remote notifications to the iOS simulator.

The library extends UIApplication by embedding a mini server that listen for udp packets containing JSON-formated payload.

Note that SimulatorRemoteNotifications does not send notification through Apple's Push Service.


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AHCarousel | iOS & OS X Development |

AHCarousel is a sample iPhone application that implements a carousel with zoom animation. Each carousel item is an object of UIButton class that can be configured to perform an action on specified targets.

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FuzzyAutocompletePlugin | iOS & OS X Development |

A Xcode 5 plugin that adds more flexible autocompletion rather than just prefix-matching.

Alessio Nonni's insight:

more info:

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AAActivityAction | iOS & OS X Development |

AAActivityAction is Reeder like ActionSheet.


Method architecture is inspired by UIActivity and UIActivityViewController.

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SDWebImage | iOS & OS X Development |

This library provides a category for UIImageVIew with support for remote images coming from the web.


- An UIImageView category adding web image and cache management to the Cocoa Touch framework

- An asynchronous image downloader
- An asynchronous memory + disk image caching with automatic cache expiration handling
- Animated GIF support
- WebP format support
- A background image decompression
- A guarantee that the same URL won't be downloaded several times
- A guarantee that bogus URLs won't be retried again and again
- A guarantee that main thread will never be blocked
- Performances!
- Use GCD and ARC

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RKTabView | iOS & OS X Development |

RKTabView provides the opportunity to create toolbars with customizable behavior, functions and appearance.

Standard iOS components such as UITabBar or UIToolbar sometimes are not customizable as needed and always behave in a certain way. Unlike them, this component can be installed anywhere, anytime, but the most important thing - all elements appearance and behavior can differ.

Imagine, that part of bar should work as UITabBar (one is on - others are off), elements of second part should work as switchers (any element can be turned on or off independently), third part - ordinary buttons. All this can be done with RKTabView.

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A useful Xcode plugin to align regular code. It can align anything by using custom alignment patterns.

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FBDigitalFont | iOS & OS X Development |

This library includes some kind of digital styled font drawer. They're not TTF files or something. They just draw fonts with CoreGraphics. So, you don't need to worry about redistribution license of font files when you release your application.

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OCUDL | iOS & OS X Development |

OCUDL is an experiment to bring user defined literals to Objective-C. A literal is a shorthand expression that creates a value of a certain type. For example, 25ul creates an unsigned long of 25, and @"hello" creates an NSString of hello. User defined literals bring this brevity and expressivity to our own types.

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TCBlobDownload | iOS & OS X Development |

Competitive big files downloads in Cocoa.

This library uses NSOperations to download big files (typically videos, music... well: BLOBs) using NSURLConnection in background threads.

Tested with files from ~150MB to ~1.2GB, mostly videos. It currently only supports ARC.

TCBlobDownload extends NSOperation and use TCBlobDownloadManager to execute it. You can set a delegate or use blocks (your choice) for each download to update your views etc…

Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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TEAChart | iOS & OS X Development |

Simple and intuitive iOS chart library. Contribution graph, clock chart, and bar chart.

Supports Storyboard.

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UIImage-BluredFrame | iOS & OS X Development |
UIImage+BluredFrame is a UIImage category that blurs an specified frame of a UIImage.
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Overshare | iOS & OS X Development |

Overshare makes it trivial to add rich sharing options to your iOS apps. In a word, Overshare has everything:


Beautiful share sheets with pixel-perfect, full-color icons in a simple layout.


Lots of tweakable options, including a gorgeous dark mode.


Built-in integration with iOS Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Built-in integration with popular third-party services like, Instapaper, and more.


Complete multi-account management, including authentication and storing credentials securely in the Keychain.


Killer text editing views with as-you-type Twitter syntax highlighting, Riposte-style swipe gesture cursor navigation, and automatic smart quotes.

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HiBeacons | iOS & OS X Development |

HiBeacons is a fully functional demo app for the new iBeacons API in iOS 7. The app can be used to demonstrate both beacon advertising and ranging, by toggling on/off two switches. You can easily see any beacons in the vicinity, with all their info, under the 'Detected Beacons' section.

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APPinViewController | iOS & OS X Development |

Easy drop-in component for iOS developers to deal easy with PIN (4 digit passcode) logic. This is the first version but we truly tried to make it reusable and customizable enough to save development time.

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MDMultilineTextView | iOS & OS X Development |

A lightweight UITextView subclass that is growing and shrinking in size, has a placeholder label and uses auto layout.


This UITextView is a lightweight solution for everyone looking for a control to mimic the iOS Messages behaviour. It has a placeholder which is shown when the text view is empty. The placeholder color can be customized. The text view has a border which tint color and thickness can be changed. The positioning and resizing is magically handled by the underlying auto layout system.

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