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Clean, Modern Objective-C

Clean, Modern Objective-C | iOS & OS X Development |

Objective-C is far and away my favorite language, and its base syntax lends itself to cleanliness and readability. Unfortunately, developers who are familiar with other languages sometimes come in and muck everything up.

These guidelines borrow heavily from Ash Furrow's Structuring Modern Objective-C and the New York Times Objective-C Style Guide.

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PEPhotoCropEditor | iOS & OS X Development |

PEPhotoCropEditor is image cropping library for iOS, similar to the UI.

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Canvas: Animate in Xcode without code

Canvas: Animate in Xcode without code | iOS & OS X Development |

Canvas is a project to simplify iOS development for both designers and developers. It had been difficult for designers to get hands on building the product with the lack of objective-c and Xcode experience, and a hard time for developer to use reasonable amount of time and lines of code just to achieve really simple effects.

With Canvas, creating stunning animations requires zero lines of code, trendy effects like the Parallax headers, Sticky sections, Blurred Backgrounds, will be as simple as few lines of code changes.

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MBDebugPanel | iOS & OS X Development |

MBDebugPanel is a development helper to let you easily add 'behind the scenes' features to your app. It is intended for use during development & debugging.

It offers a simple way to define helper tools, and present them in a Table View above the root window.

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ANBlurredImageView | iOS & OS X Development |

Subclass of UIImageView for animating the blurring and unblurring of images with a tint color. Useful for quick transitions and bringing focus to the foreground.

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CRToast | iOS & OS X Development |

CRToast is a library that allows you to easily create notifications that appear on top of or by pushing out the status bar or navigation bar. CRToast was originally based on CWStatusBarNotification.

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Xcode Tips And Tricks For Better Productivity - Codigator

Xcode Tips And Tricks For Better Productivity - Codigator | iOS & OS X Development |
This post is all about Xcode tips and tricks for better productivity that differentiates an amateur iOS developer from a rock-star dev. After reading this tutorial, not only will you be faster but more efficient. I will update this post as and when I find more interesting tips.
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XCode Tips & Tricks!


SprityBird | iOS & OS X Development |

This project is a small clone of Flappy Bird for iOS using SpriteKit framework. It can be used as a base for many types of scrolling games with some imagination.

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iOS and OS X Development: How to reduce Xcode and AppCode build times

iOS and OS X Development: How to reduce Xcode and AppCode build times | iOS & OS X Development |

Both Xcode and AppCode intensively cache temporary “information” on the file system. Each time you cleanup the project, make a new build, or launch the app in iOS Simulator, IDE will read and write megabytes of files into the special folder named DerivedData. You will be surprized how much space can be freed up by executing rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/* in Terminal. This command is totally safe, because Xcode will regenerate everything it needs from scratch when you build the next project.

As result of this caching, the speed of building and launching the app in debugger may significantly depend on the “speed” of your hard drive. With SSD, a typical iOS-project with precompiled information will launch in 5-10 seconds. With HDD, it will take more time. Anyway, you should know that there is an easy way to build and launch the app in iOS Simulator much faster.

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Build your own Flappy Bird with SpriteBuilder and Cocos2d 3.0

Build your own Flappy Bird with SpriteBuilder and Cocos2d 3.0 | iOS & OS X Development |

This is the one and only tutorial that will teach you how to implement a native Flappy Bird clone for iOS. We will be using SpriteBuilder and Cocos2d 3.0 and walk you through all the steps starting with a blank project.

If you aren't familiar with SpriteBuilder you should consider starting with our beginner tutorial as we won't repeat all basic concepts of SpriteBuilder.

If you complete this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • implement an endless scroller
  • implement procedural level generation
  • use Coco2d 3.0 physics

The solution to this tutorial is available on GitHub:

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FPBrandColors | iOS & OS X Development |

FPBrandColors is a simple category on UIColor which provides you some of the Brand colors used throughout.

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Objective-C Succinctly - Tuts+ Code Tutorials

Objective-C Succinctly - Tuts+ Code Tutorials | iOS & OS X Development |

In this session, you'll learn everything you need to know about Objective-C. You'll start with the basics by learning about the various data types and writing a simple application. The session also covers properties, memory management, methods, and categories. It also covers some newer additions to the C language, such as blocks. If you plan to developer for the iOS or OS X platforms, you certainly don't want to miss this session.

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Associated Objects

Associated Objects | iOS & OS X Development |

Objective-C developers are conditioned to be wary of whatever follows this ominous incantation. And for good reason: messing with the Objective-C runtime changes the very fabric of reality for all of the code that runs on it.

In the right hands, the functions of <objc/runtime.h> have the potential to add powerful new behavior to an application or framework, in ways that would otherwise not be possible. In the wrong hands, it drains the proverbial sanity meter of the code, and everything it may interact with (with terrifying side-effects).

Therefore, it is with great trepidation that we consider this Faustian bargain, and look at one of the subjects most-often requested by NSHipster readers: associated objects.

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Introduction to Objective-C for Programmers

Introduction to Objective-C for Programmers | iOS & OS X Development |

If you are interested in iOS development and you still angry that you cannot grasp Objective-C easily like you do with other languages here is the simple and short quite for you. I won’t describe the very basics here like message passing, inheritance etc, that except the weird syntax is very similar to what you know from other programming languages.

I’ll try to describe some peculiarities of Objective-C syntax and common practices which I personally found new/strange/amazing while learning Objective-C as another language. This list is created for people who are just starting with Objective-C but are experienced programmers in other languages and created already one or two simple Objective-C applications.

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How to Price Your App: Free or Paid - Tuts+ Code Article

How to Price Your App: Free or Paid - Tuts+ Code Article | iOS & OS X Development |

You've worked for weeks or even months on your first mobile application and it's ready for prime time. The next step, of course, is to publish it to Apple's App Store if it's an iOS application or Google Play if you're targeting the Android platform. One of the question you should ask yourself is "How much should my application cost?" $0.99? $1.99? $10.99? Free? In this article, we'll consider your options and decide which one is the road to success and which one isn't.

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PSUpdateApp notifies you if a new version of your iOS application is available in the AppStore or in any other place.
If a new version is available, PSUpdateApp presents an UIAlertView, that informs you of the newer version, and gives you the option to update the application.

The component is based on AFNetworking framework, using AFJSONRequestOperation method to read and parse the JSON response.

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BBUDebuggerTuckAway | iOS & OS X Development |

Xcode plugin for auto-hiding the debugger once you start typing in the source code editor.

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Method Swizzling

Method Swizzling | iOS & OS X Development |

Method swizzling is the process of changing the implementation of an existing selector. It's a technique made possible by the fact that method invocations in Objective-C can be changed at runtime, by changing how selectors are mapped to underlying functions in a class's dispatch table.

For example, let's say we wanted to track how many times each view controller is presented to a user in an iOS app.

Each view controller could add tracking code to its own implementation of viewDidAppear:, but that would make for a ton of duplicated boilerplate code. Subclassing would be another possibility, but it would require subclassing UIViewController, UITableViewController,UINavigationController, and every other view controller class—an approach that would also suffer from code duplication.

Fortunately, there is another way: method swizzling from a category.

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Cocoaholic | Snippet Edit

Cocoaholic | Snippet Edit | iOS & OS X Development |

Snippet Edit can override Xcode's Standard Snippets, but does not modify Xcode itself. Editing is non-destructive, you can revert to Xcode's Standard Snippets at any time.

Modified snippets will show up as User Snippets in Xcode's Code Snippet Library. You can edit snippets in Snippet Edit or in Xcode directly, they are now under your control!

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JPSImagePickerController | iOS & OS X Development |

A pixel-perfect clone of iOS 7's UIImagePickerController, with a few improvements.


  • Front/Back camera switching
  • Flash on/off
  • Taking pictures in multiple orientations
  • Triggering a picture with the "volume up" hardware button
  • Confirmation screen
  • Zooming the image in the confirmation screen
  • Displaying a message in the confirmation screen

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VENCalculatorInputView | iOS & OS X Development |

VENCalculatorInputView is the calculator keyboard that is used in the Venmo iOS app. Available for iOS 5 and beyond. Enjoy.

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How to Generate Beautiful Apple-Style Documentation in Xcode 5 - iOS-Blog

How to Generate Beautiful Apple-Style Documentation in Xcode 5 - iOS-Blog | iOS & OS X Development |

Good code should be self-documenting, but sometimes you also need to generate external documentation for reference purposes. In this post I’ll show you how to use two open-source tools and a build script to create beautiful, Apple-style HTML documentation files in Xcode 5.

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VENVersionTracker | iOS & OS X Development |

iOS Version Tracking Library to update betas, let users know about new versions in production and enforce deprecated versions of your app.

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Strings - issue #9

Strings - issue #9 | iOS & OS X Development |

Welcome to issue #9!

This month’s issue is all about strings.

Strings are everywhere in all apps. We use them all the time. Localization of strings and the complexity of Unicode are all but trivial, and we hope to shed some light on these topics. We give you an overview of Unicode itself, cover best practices, discuss string localization, explain string parsing, and touch upon string drawing. These topics are relevant to every iOS and OS X developer, and hopefully we can provide you with a few small gems that’ll ease your day-to-day work.

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