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iOS7-Sampler | iOS & OS X Development |

Code examples for the new functions of iOS 7.


Dynamic Behaviors: Dynamic Behaviours using UIDynamicAnimator, UIGravityBehavior, UICollisionBehavior, UIDynamicItemBehavior.


Speech Synthesis: speech from text using AVSpeechSynthesizer and AVSpeechUtterance.


Custom Transition: UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning, UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate.


3D Map: 3D Map using MKMapCamera.


Smile Detection: Smile Detection using CIDetectorSmile and new properties of CIFeature such as "bounds".


Image Filters: New filters of CIFilter, CILinearToSRGBToneCurve, CIPhotoEffectChrome, CIPhotoEffectFade, CIPhotoEffectInstant, CIPhotoEffectMono, CIPhotoEffectNoir, CIPhotoEffectProcess, CIPhotoEffectTonal, CIPhotoEffectTransfer, CISRGBToneCurveToLinear, CIVignetteEffect.


Sprite Kit: A sample of Sprite Kit using SKView, SKScene, SKSpriteNode, SKAction.


Map Directions: Requesting and draw directions using MKDirections, MKDirectionsResponse and MKPolylineRenderer.


Motion Effects (Parallax): Parallax effect using UIMotionEffect.


Multipeer Connectivity: Creating a local network sharing connection over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LE.


AirDrop/Flickr/Vimeo/ReadingList: New Activity Types: AirDrop, Post to Flickr / Vimeo, Add to ReadingList.


QR Code Generator: Generating QR Code with CIQRCodeGenerator.


Static Map Snapshots: Creating a snapshot with MKMapSnapshotOptions, MKMapSnapshotter.

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iOS & OS X Development
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Chameleon - Flat Color Framework for iOS (Obj-C & Swift)

Chameleon - Flat Color Framework for iOS (Obj-C & Swift) | iOS & OS X Development |

Chameleon is a lightweight, yet powerful, flat color framework for iOS (Objective-C & Swift).

It is built on the idea that software applications should function effortlessly while simultaneously maintaining their beautiful interfaces.

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PINRemoteImage | iOS & OS X Development |

A thread safe, performant, feature rich image fetcher.

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jot | iOS & OS X Development |

jot is an easy way to add touch-controlled drawings and text to images in your iOS app.

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RazzleDazzle | iOS & OS X Development |

RazzleDazzle is a simple AutoLayout-friendly keyframe animation framework for iOS, written in Swift. Perfect for scrolling app intros.

RazzleDazzle grew from JazzHands, an Objective-C scrolling keyframe animations library by IFTTT.

JazzHands is used extensively in IF and DO for iPhone and iPad, most famously in the app intro.

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CKWaveCollectionViewTransition | iOS & OS X Development |

This is a cool custom transition between two or more UICollectionViewControllers with wave like cell animation.

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Material Controls For iOS

Material Controls For iOS | iOS & OS X Development |

In 2014, Google published the Google Material Design with a goal to provide guidelines for good design and beautiful UI across all device form factors.

For Android, developers can use default Android controls.

For iOS, FPT Software built those controls to bring Google material design to iOS application. This is the most complete material design controls for iOS so far.

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Dodo - A message bar for iOS written in Swift

Dodo - A message bar for iOS written in Swift | iOS & OS X Development |

This is a UI widget for showing text messages in iOS apps.

It is useful for showing short messages to the user, something like: "Message sent", "Note saved", "No Internet connection".

  • Dodo includes styles for success, info, warning and error type messages.
  • The bar can have buttons with custom tap handlers.
  • Bar styles can be customized.
  • You can provide custom animations for showing and hiding the bar or use one of the default animation presets.
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Swift header documentation in Xcode 7

Swift header documentation in Xcode 7 | iOS & OS X Development |

Quick Help offers concise in-line reference docs for symbols, build settings, and interface objects. Want to check a symbol’s type? Quick Help it. Need to look up parameters? Quick Help to the rescue. Add Quick Help to annotate your code and create custom information that displays via pop-ups (option-click symbols) and the Quick Help inspector (View > Utilities > Show Quick Help Inspector).

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Top 10 WWDC 2015 Videos - Ray Wenderlich

Top 10 WWDC 2015 Videos - Ray Wenderlich | iOS & OS X Development |
Wondering which WWDC 2015 videos are best to watch? Here are our top picks!

Via jerometonnelier
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Swift 2 error handling in practice | Sunset Lake Software

Swift 2 error handling in practice | Sunset Lake Software | iOS & OS X Development |

Apple enhanced Swift with several additions or changes, bumping it to version 2. Perhaps the biggest change was the introduction of an official error-handling model based on try/catch semantics.

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DynamicColor - Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift

DynamicColor - Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift | iOS & OS X Development |

DynamicColor provides powerful methods to manipulate colors in an easy way:

  • Darken & Lighten
  • Saturate, Desaturate & Grayscale
  • Adjust-hue & Complement
  • Tint & Shade
  • Invert
  • Mix
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Swift Error Handling and Objective-C Interop in Depth

For the impatient reader:


  • The ErrorType protocol has hidden requirements that are automatically fullfilled if you use an enum to implement the protocol
  • Objective-C methods can only be translated to Swift's error handling mechanism if they return Objective-C objects or boolean values
  • Swift will invoke the catch block if the Objective-C method returns nil/false, independent of whether an NSError was produced or not
  • If an Objective-C method produces an NSError and returns a value the catch blocks is not invoked and the error cannot be retrieved
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PKRevealController | iOS & OS X Development |

PKRevealController (ex. ZUUIRevealController) is a delightful view controller container for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another.

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FastttCamera | iOS & OS X Development |

FastttCamera is a wrapper around AVFoundation that allows you to build your own powerful custom camera app without all the headaches of using AVFoundation directly.

FastttCamera now supports awesome photo filters!

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BAFluidView | iOS & OS X Development |

UIView that simulates a 2D view of a fluid in motion.

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NVActivityIndicatorView | iOS & OS X Development |

NVActivityIndicatorView is a collection of nice loading animations.

This is original a fork from DGActivityIndicatorView, inspired by Loaders.css, written in Swift with full implementation of animations.

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TisprCardStack | iOS & OS X Development |

We decided to open our component related to card interface. So you want ot have something like cards UI, you can use it. It is based on UICollectionView. So it is very easy maintain and develop something over it


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SyntaxKit - TextMate-style syntax highlighting in Swift

SyntaxKit makes TextMate-style syntax highlighting easy. It works on iOS & OS X.

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The Best of What's New in Swift 2 - Mike Ash

Apple made a lot of interesting announcements at WWDC this year about the release of Swift 2 and the new features in it, in among various other announcements of little interest. In addition to the announcement that Swift will be made open source, which is a huge deal all by itself, Swift 2 contains a lot of great new features which significantly improve the language. Today I'm going to talk about the most important ones, what they are, and why they're useful.

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KYAnimatedPageControl | iOS & OS X Development |

A custom UIPageControl with multiple animations.

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Onboard - Beautiful and engaging onboarding experience with only a few lines of code

Onboard - Beautiful and engaging onboarding experience with only a few lines of code | iOS & OS X Development |

Onboard provides developers with a quick and easy means to create a beautiful, engaging, and useful onboarding experience with only a few lines of code.

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EasyAnimation - A Swift library to take the power of UIView.animateWithDuration to a whole new level

A Swift library to take the power of UIView.animateWithDuration(_:, animations:...) to a whole new level - layers, springs, chain-able animations and mixing view and layer animations together!

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