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iOS & OS X Development
cool tips and source code for Cocoa, Swift and Objective-C
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SecureUDID | iOS & OS X Development |

SecureUDID is an open-source sandboxed device identifier solution aimed at solving the main privacy issues that caused Apple to deprecate UDIDs.


SecureUDIDs have the following attributes:


Developers can still differentiate between devices as if they were still using a UDID, but only within apps they control.

User privacy is protected since developers are fundamentally prevented from accessing the same UDID as another developer. This greatly limits the scope of any potential leaks.

End-users can globally opt-out of SecureUDID collection across all applications and services that use it.

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ActionSheetPicker | iOS & OS X Development |
ActionSheetPicker - Quickly reproduce the dropdown UIPickerView / ActionSheet functionality from Safari on iPhone/ iOS / CocoaTouch.
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FacebookLikeView | iOS & OS X Development |

FacebookLikeView is a Facebook Like button that fits nicely into your native iOS application.

It integrates with the Facebook iOS SDK so that already-authenticated users can "like" with a single tap, and unauthenticated users can are prompted with the native login dialog.

It comes with some caveats; it's not officially supported by Facebook, and it requires your application to use the in-app auth dialog rather than single sign-on via Safari or the Facebook app.

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CLAnimation | iOS & OS X Development |

CLAnimation - a cocos2d-like animation API based on CAAnimation of UIView

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PhFacebook | iOS & OS X Development |

PhFacebook is an embeddable MacOSX framework to easily access Facebook's API.

  • Uses Facebook's new 'graph' API internally, handles OAuth in a WebView for you and returns JSON strings.
  • Comes with a sample application to show you how to use it.
  • Supports extended permissions.
  • Localized in English and French.
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TPCircularBuffer | iOS & OS X Development |

A simple, fast circular buffer implementation for audio processing

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Reachability | iOS & OS X Development |

ARC and GCD Compatible Reachability Class for iOS and MacOS. Drop in replacement for Apple Reachability.

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HttpShell | iOS & OS X Development |

An interactive shell for issuing HTTP commands to a web server or REST API.

Issue HTTP commands (HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, TRACE) to a server with interactive feedback. Makes debugging and testing REST services and public APIs much easier than with cURL.

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nimbus | iOS & OS X Development |

nimbus - The iOS framework whose growth is bounded by O(documentation).

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HGPageScrollView | iOS & OS X Development |

HGPageScrollView - UIScrollView for iPhone with horizontal paging like mobile Safari tabs.

An extension of iOS UIScrollView that allows scrolling of multiple pages, like mobile Safari tab viewer.

HGPageScrollView uses a similar methodology to UITableView. It defines both a dataSource and a delegate, which its client can implement. At the very least HGPageScrollView expects its dataSource to provide HGPageViews to display.

Like UITableView, HGPageScrollView provides a way to improve performance by reusing pages. It maintains a queue of pages that the data source has marked for reuse. A page is marked for reuse by assigning a value to its reuseIdentifier.

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SFBAudioEngine | iOS & OS X Development |

SFBAudioEngine - A powerful C++ audio playback engine for Mac OS X and iOS

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Touchpose | iOS & OS X Development |
Touchpose - Touchposé is a set of classes for iOS that renders screen touches when a device is connected to a mirrored display.
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