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10 Good Reasons Not to Trust Your Brain

10 Good Reasons Not to Trust Your Brain | Intuition |
If the human brain is such a marvel of evolution, why does it so often betray us into making poor decisions and acting foolishly?


The human brain is a marvelous tool. However, it was designed for a very different world than we currently live in. As a result, it retains many design flaws that do not serve us well, especially in today’s business world where new ways of thinking and ongoing innovation are essential for success.


Perhaps the most damaging flaw is the brain’s tendency to think it’s right. In fact, it often insists it is right even in the face of contradictory evidence. So the next time you’re absolutely, positively sure you’re right, consider these 10 reasons not to trust your brain:

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Ana Tapia's curator insight, December 13, 2012 2:08 PM

To overcoming this  a good professional Coach helps a lot to clarify and confirm    "what the brain tell". I recommend a lot!

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Intuition and Decision-making

Intuition and Decision-making | Intuition |
My earliest interest in leadership and management was around the topic of decision-making and success.  Why do some people need lots of information - and even then don't take decisions?  Why do s...

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Intuition Isn't Just about Trusting your Gut

Intuition Isn't Just about Trusting your Gut | Intuition |

If intuition is the muse in CEO decision-making, does it, however, make for better decisions? Quants say we use intuition because of our cognitive limitations.

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