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Photon Flash Player & browser for iPad app review ~ appPicker

Photon Flash Player & browser for iPad app review ~ appPicker | Into the Driver's Seat |

by Rebecca MacLary


"Photon Flash Player for iPad, also called Photon Browser, by Appsverse Inc. is a great alternative browser for your iPad. It’s on sale right now, marked down to just $4.99, so get it now and save yourself five dollars.


"Photon Browser is a fantastic new browser with Flash capability. It was designed to enhance your experiences on your iPad, and it succeeds. The app is the #1 paid browser in the U.S. App Store and #1 in utilities for the iPad.


"Some of the features of Photon Browser include Flash browsing support that lets you use Flash apps, play Flash games, and watch and listen to Flash videos. You can also view websites that previously would not play on the iPad due to Flash content.

You can use multiple views or tabs while browsing, just like in Chrome or Firefox, split your screen to watch a video on one side and browse on the other, or browse using your full screen. You can also do trio mode and picture-in-picture viewing modes.


"The browser is full-featured, with private browsing, the ability to share via Facebook or email, an intelligent URL toolbar, and anonymous browsing.  It also offers bookmark support, AirPrint to print off web pages, and forward/back buttons for browsing history.


"You must click on the Lightning Bolt icon in order to view Flash sites."

Read more at ;

Jim Lerman's insight:

Photon may not be new to some readers, but it is to me. Seems to be the best way to get Flash on an iPad or iPhone.

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BBC - My Web My Way - Making the Web Accessible!

BBC - My Web My Way - Making the Web Accessible! | Into the Driver's Seat |

My Web My Way explains the many ways you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for the diversity of learners.



Via Kathleen McClaskey, Smaragda Papadopoulou, Kent Wallén
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The Social News Discovery Visual Browser for iPads: Rockmelt

Robin Good: If you have an iPad and you are looking for a better way to find, discover, browse, search and consume news stories, the new Rockmelt browser for iPads is definitely worth a road test.


Unlike other popular browsers, "rather than showing you a big, empty window--or just whatever site you were looking at the last time you used it--Rockmelt offers up a visual stream of personalized content, culled from friends on Facebook and Twitter, RSS subscriptions, and sites that fall into your designated categories of interest.

Posts, articles, images, and the rest take the form of big, tappable tiles in two endless columns--an infinitely scrolling stream of content.

Touch one of the items, and, when possible, it pops open in a stripped-down reader view.

As you’re checking out that content, you can jump to a full view of the website it’s hosted on, follow links, or just dip back to your stream to find something else to look at."


"Overall, it’s a fairly radical take on what a tablet browser should be, one that starts with the go-anywhere, find-anything utility of the browsers we’re familiar with and grafts a visual, content-curation element on top of it all.

In this sense, the new Rockmelt is sort of like a mash-up of Pulse, Flipboard, and Safari--a browser that’s also a news reader, with a dash of social network to round it out."






Find out more:


Available for free on the App Store:



Via Robin Good
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