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Amplifying Student Learning: Using Mobile Apps to Create, Share and Connect - edWeb

Amplifying Student Learning: Using Mobile Apps to Create, Share and Connect - edWeb | Into the Driver's Seat |



Presented by Carolyn Skibba, Technology Coordinator and Apple Distinguished Educator

"One of the most compelling benefits of classroom technology is that it enables students to share their ideas and knowledge in powerful new ways. Effective, thoughtful integration of mobile apps can empower students to create quality, meaningful work for a worldwide audience. Ultimately, this leads to true engagement that transforms how students see themselves and their learning. Through this webinar, you will learn how to integrate some of the best apps for student creativity and publishing. You will also gain practical tips that will support you and your students in creating authentic content and sharing it easily with others."

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Top Tech Trends and People of 2012

Here is the textbook that I created/curated for teaching my New Media Technology class during the Spring semester of 2012 at Hannam University's Linton Global College. I took great effort to give credit where it is due. I aimed to show my students how they could access enough free info on the web that was of equal or greater value than the wonderful information found in expensive textbooks. Feel free to share and please support the true authors of this book in any way you can (money, likes, blog comments, links, etc.) I am simply the currator of this content.

If you would like a free tablet-friendly PDF file, just email me at kenmorrison30 @ (no spaces)


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27 Ways To Publish Student Thinking

27 Ways To Publish Student Thinking | Into the Driver's Seat |

"Publishing student thinking can be among the most powerful ways to improve learning.

There are a variety of reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that the 'threat' of publishing moves the lodestone from the classroom to the 'real world.' This, of course, changes everything."

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Beth Dichter's curator insight, December 27, 2012 10:33 PM

The post continues to explore what should be published, noting that "finished products and the thinking process itself are two very different things." 

Why publish? Think of it as a process of authentic experience. Students like to have the ability to see their work online and have others respond to it. The post provides a table that lists 25 apps that range from "videos to graphics, blogging to concept mapping" across many platforms. This is interactive and links to edshelf where you may learn more about the app. In addition there is a list of 27 tools (many of which are listed inthe table). 

Rescooped by Jim Lerman from 21st Century Tools for Teaching-People and Learners!

Issuu - You Publish

Issuu - You Publish | Into the Driver's Seat |

Explore a world of publications by people and publishers alike. Collect, share and publish in a format designed to make your documents look their very best.

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