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Visual Resources To Teach About The U.S. Government Shutdown

Visual Resources To Teach About The U.S. Government Shutdown | Into the Driver's Seat |

"The shutdown of the United States government began today. With no plan of action from either political party, there is consequently no easy lesson for teachers to share with their students."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, October 1, 2013 10:08 PM

Are your students asking questions about the shutdown of the US government? Are you looking for some excellent resources to help them understand what is going on? ASIDE has put together a number of resources to help you out. Check out this article where you will find

* A short video from the BBC titled U.S. Government Shutdown in 60 Seconds

* An interactive tool "US Government Shutdown" visualization (you may use your mouse and roll over different departments to learn the impact of the shutdown

* An infographic "Who Goes to Work? Who Stays Home" from the NY Times

* An infographic that asks "How Would a Government Shutdown Affect Your Life?"

* A slide show from USA Today that catalogs the "Government Shutdown by the Numbers" and quite a few more.

Many students are interested in this and this article notes that their questions were mostly on "blame and healthcare." You may find different questions in your classroom with this robust list of resources.

Nat Sones's curator insight, October 2, 2013 8:13 AM

Shutdown is the ultimate failure of government. This seems not to have passed unnoticed exactly, but being missed as it gets covered in all sorts of other statements, facts, data and reactions. By shutting down, by neglecting their duty (not to mention wasting vast, unbelievable amounts of resource doing so), the US government has betrayed its people, and allowed political brinkmanship and the primitive desire to 'win the argument' to undermine the whole point of it. 


If, that is, you believe that the point of government is to protect people, nurture civilisation and direct growth. If you believe that the point of government and the purpose behind politics is to further the careers and feed the egos of politicians, however, it's fine!


This material shows in crystal clarity how the shutdown is affecting US society and people. A good clear way of seeing the shocking neglect of duty that this represents - by all sides. Reaching consensus is the duty of politicians; not fighting to the death. Because the politicians never have to actually pay any price - others do that for them. 



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YouTube reinvents itself with massive relaunch

YouTube reinvents itself with massive relaunch | Into the Driver's Seat |

YouTube has implemented a complete redesign of its site, it is engineered to integrate closeley with G+ and  social media. As well as changes to the the look and feel such as a soft grey background, there is a greater emphasis on channels and a recognition of the growing importance of curation.


It will be interesting  to see the reaction and how it will be used. Having looked at it briefly it is time to take  a closer look.

Via theo kuechel
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Spigot | Into the Driver's Seat |

"We aggregate news, research, opinion and info for those working at the intersection of learning, technology, and youth.

Jim Lerman's insight:

A great resource that I'm just beginning to dig into. Make sure to check it out if the description above appeals to or interests you.

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