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Elearning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program Homepage

Elearning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program Homepage | Into the Driver's Seat |

Yes, this is a commercial announcement, and this is a very good program from a public university.  I have no connection with this organization. -JL


Prepare to be a Great Online Teacher. Enroll Today!


Here you will find information about all of our courses.  We've put everthing you need to know about how to earn your graduate certificate on this page.  

Curriculum Sequence Registration, Tuition, Financial Aid Find Online Teaching Jobs Frequently Asked Questions



Feel free to contact:


Dennis O'Connor
Program Advisor
E-Learning & Online Teaching
School of Education
Online Professional Development
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Wisconsin's Polytechnic University
530-318-1145 (Cell)
Skype: wiredinstructor2


This time next year you'll be glad you started now! 

Via Dennis T OConnor
A. Brian Dengler's comment, July 30, 2013 1:18 PM
Dennis, thank you for sharing. Lord knows I could use a program like this.
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The Extraordinaires - Design Thinking kits for students

The Extraordinaires - Design Thinking kits for students | Into the Driver's Seat |

"...the website for The Extraordinaires includes some resources for teachers.  We will be using the “Graphic Organizer for Getting to Know an Extraordinaire.”  After all, it’s difficult to have empathy for someone you don’t know.  This is actually all practice for our final semester project, for which they actually will be designing something for someone at our school. (More about that in a future post.)

"If you like the idea of teaching Design Thinking to your students, and would like some other resources, Jackie Gerstein has a wonderful collection of design challenges here. For a great free Design Thinking curriculum, City X is another alternative.  To see why you should even consider incorporating Design Thinking into your curriculum, this video from The Extraordinaires allows students to explain. (Be sure to watch all the way to the end if you really want your heartstrings tugged.)"


Jim Lerman's insight:

Wonderful post about a product called The Extraordinaires that is new to me. Author Terri Eichholz takes us through a full description of how she uses the product with her students.

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Class Tech Tips: 11 Websites and Apps for Social Studies Reading Passages | Tech Learning

Class Tech Tips: 11 Websites and Apps for Social Studies Reading Passages | Tech Learning | Into the Driver's Seat |

"How are you making connections between your English Language Arts instruction and the work happening in social studies? Incorporating social studies reading passages into your instruction can help you address learning goals in both subject areas. If you are teaching a lesson about the American Revolution you might share a short selection of informational text so students can discuss cause and effect in a reading passage in the context of that moment in history. If you are reading a historical fiction novel you can use short reading passages to provide additional information on notable figures or events that pop up during the course of the story.

"Earlier this year I shared some favorite online resources for science reading passages (see the post here). There are a handful of great social studies reading passages organized on websites and available in mobile apps. Locating just-right resources for your classroom can be a struggle, especially when it comes to reading materials. As you begin the search for content to share with your students, you’ll want to check out the range of resources featured on this list. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a special link to reading response tools that students can use in combination with the resources on this list."

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How Virtual Reality is Changing Education

How Virtual Reality is Changing Education | Into the Driver's Seat |

"VR allows for high-impact learning experiences, and as this new age of affordable VR tech presents itself, the opportunities for improving education abound. Educators are well aware of the positive impact out of classroom experiences have on learning. From K-12 classrooms to college internships, to undergrad research and studying abroad, high-impact experiences provide increased learning and retention. Unfortunately, these types of programs have traditionally involved a good deal of time, money and personnel. With both the availability and affordability of VR, students nationwide will have access to high-impact educational experiences.

"From taking a guided tour of the Great Wall of China to examining world-renowned art in a museum halfway around the globe, these micro-experiences can shape student learning far more than an in-class lecture. Imagine biology students exploring the Great Barrier Reef first hand or students in a history class having that ability to observe an ancient Mongolian tribe. Beyond travel, VR also supports training experiences via virtual labs in chemistry, biology, and engineering. These sort of high-impact micro skills will become standard practice with VR. Not every student can travel abroad, yet anyone can venture to the library, put on a VR headset and begin virtual exploration. By using VR, student experiences transform critical thinking."


Jim Lerman's insight:


Hype or hope?


I like VR a lot and believe it has great potential to impact education. Yet this article is reminiscent of 20th century paeans to the future glories of ed tech, which disappointingly are realized on, still, far too limited a scale. Yes, tech, and now VR, offer ways of doing old things in whiz-bang ways that can heighten student interest to some degree; but, where are the insights into the singular affordances of these capabilities and the necessary commitment and understanding required leverage them in schools?


Does this article raise false expectations or pave the way?

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How to Save Photos from Messages on iPhone and iPad

How to Save Photos from Messages on iPhone and iPad | Into the Driver's Seat |
Many iPhone users send and receive pictures in Messages app for iOS, but have you ever wanted to save a photo from Messages app to your iPhone or iPad? Maybe it’s a picture you received from someone else that you want to save locally, or perhaps it’s a photo you took with the camera directly from Messages app.

Via John Evans
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