All Of My “Best Of 2013″ Lists In One Place! | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… | Into the Driver's Seat |

by Larry Ferlazzo

"Here are my nineteen end-of-the-year “Best…” lists. I do have three more to do — one highlighting infographics, another listing Theory of Knowledge resources, and other one listing my personal favorite posts — but I might not get to them for a week or two. I thought readers would find it helpful to gather all of the rest in one place:"

Jim Lerman's insight:

It is astonishing to me that Ferlazzo is able to carry a full teaching load and publish so much great material...material that, by the way, obviously requires a great amount of research, tryout, and evaluation. And he writes and speaks elsewhere too. What a great source of information and inspiration for educators!