Teaching Physics with Felt ~ Edutopia | Into the Driver's Seat | Scoop.it

by Mary Beth Hertz

"As I reflect on the process, I see lots of applications for the physics classroom:

  1. The obvious connection is, of course, the circuitry. Rather than using a pre-bought kit or drawing schematic diagrams, kids can learn through a short lesson, designing a plan, and then through trial and error. This makes the learning more "sticky."
  2. More advanced users can add more components and thereby have the opportunity to show their understanding of more complex concepts. This is an easy way to differentiate the classroom.
  3. Students can take their creations home with them to use in their everyday life. This is the perfect way to show that physics is not just a subject in school -- it's all around us.
  4. By adding a creative edge to circuitry and asking students to create circuits in a new way, all students are put on a fairly level playing field, allowing for them to learn from each other and providing opportunities for new "experts" to emerge."