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This series guides you step by step through the process of class and student blogging.

Each step provides class blog examples so you can check out how they are used by educators.  Many of the examples are from primary grades but the same principles apply regardless of student age (including adult learners).

THIS SERIES CONSISTS OF:Step 1: Set up Class BlogStep 2: Setting up pagesStep 3: Writing your first postsStep 4: Teach quality commenting skillsStep 5: Adding WidgetsStep 6: Helping parents and students connectStep 7: Images, copyright, and creative commonsStep 8: Cool tools to embedStep 9: All about video (coming soon)Step 10: Connecting with other classesStep:11  Using RSS (coming soon)Step 12:  Using plugins (coming soon)Step 13: Setting up your student blogs


Via Ariana Amorim