New Social RSS Feed Reader: Feedolu | Into the Driver's Seat |

Feedolu is in public BETA from September 5th. It is an RSS feed reader that makes it easily to read, organize and share content.

Excerpt from review article by Shelly Kramer on V3 Blog:
"Feedolu uses advanced feed reading technology and combines that with social features commonly used on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Feedolu users will have a public profile with their own URL (
You can customize your background, create a bio and attach a link to a website (like Twitter) and website RSS feed as well.
When a user attaches an RSS feed to their profile, other users can then go and subscribe to that RSS feed, giving that user the opportunity of increased website traffic via subscriptions.

Here are key features:
- User Following;
- SEO;
- Unlimited Feeds and Feed Walls;
- Back-End Processing.

Free to use.

Try out Feedolu:

Read full interesting review article by Shelly Kramer:

Watch the introduction video:

Via Giuseppe Mauriello