App of the Week from Powerful Learning Practice


"Everest helps you live your dreams and achieve personal goals. From traveling the world to getting in shape to learning Italian – Everest is a place to capture all your dreams, big and small, and focus on a few. Break goals into small steps, build step streaks, learn from others, and beautifully capture your journey from dreaming to doing.

☆ Capture an unlimited number of dreams and goals
☆ Focus on up to three goals at a time
☆ Plan steps within your dreams and goals
☆ Set individual or repeating reminders to help build habits
☆ Use notes to record thoughts, quotes, tips and progress
☆ Capture moments with photos
☆ Stay motivated with step streaks
☆ Never get stuck; learn from others with similar goals
☆ Copy other people’s steps into your dreams
☆ Receive suggestions and encouragement through comments
☆ Follow your friends and heroes
☆ Accept challenges that take your dreams to the next level with guidance from pros
☆ Beautifully track and capture each dream’s journey
☆ Control whether your dreams are public or private
☆ Share your dreams and progress on Facebook and Twitter to inspire others"