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"Evernote...[is] basically a note-taking application that allows the user to write notes (or record with audio or video) and keep them secure. It also allows notes to be synchronised across your different machines, including handheld devices. In addition to making your own notes, you can take web clippings, snag images or copy web addresses. But, to find out more, why not read some of the articles linked below and then try out the free version of the app?

1. Using Evernote at School

2. Evernote at The Montclair Kimberley Academy (You Tube Video)

3.Evernote as an ePortfolio

4. Ways of Using Evernote to Organise Your Learning Notes

5. Evernote in a shared Environment by @TheNerdyTeacher

6. School Administrator Use of Evernote

7.Using Evernote for Lifelong Learning (and Teaching)

8. One School’s Experience of Evernote and Skitch

9. How Evernote has Changed Things by @web20classroom


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